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Golem is the best tank card out there in the clash royale. And this deck is extremely powerful deck for ladder and challenges both and many a time you build up one or two unstoppable pushes to easily take towers.

About Cards

Golem: Golem is the stongest tank card in the clash royale.it cost eight elixir, so place it after the Elixir Collector so that you can build up the elixir to conter other cards.

Lightning: It is the best friend of the Golem and it take out the worst enemy of the Golem i.e. Inferno Tower and other defensive troops(like Electro Wizard, Mini pekka, Lumberjack etc.). Use it also to take out Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, and to finish off towers.

Lumberjack: it is the very important card due to his rage effect and damage skill. Its is also useful against cannon and hog rider and also complements the Golem so well.

Mega Minion: Mega Minion is use in taking out Balloon,Lava Hound, and works as a great support troop.

Baby Dragon: Baby Bragon's splash damage clear the swamps from the the way and support the Golem very well. its is the one of the best support troops in the game.

Log: This spell takes out swarms, protecting Golem Lumberjack push. This spell is so versatile and is great in the fact that it can take out ground swarms.

Elixir collector: Elixir Collector is extremely useful to this deck due to the heavy elixir costing of 4.3, the collector is needed to build up the push for Golem.

Skeletons: One elixir cost card use to distract troops or helps in taking out P.E.K.K.A or Giants or hog rider.



If you have a Collector in your starting hand, wait till you get to ten Elixir and then place it down. This is important because you need Elixir to build up your pushes later on. Now this the simple push ,place the Golem to the back of the king tower then start building some elixir and then put baby dragon and mega minion to the support.This push is only for if they don’t have Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, or your sure you have out cycled them. Or use lightning to destroy the Inferno TowerL


Against Lava Hound and Balloon Deck: This deck is weak against the Lavaloon. use mega minion to take down Balloon and Lava Hound, along with Baby Dragon but the best thing to do is to actually try to three crown them with one massive push and ignore the Tower they take. Or, you can play for the draw.

Against Hog Rider/Giant Deck: Use lumberjack to take down Giant or hog Rider with the help of supporting troop like skeletons and mega minion. And then start a massive push againt the opponet.

Against Graveyard Deck:You have two decent counters to Graveyard in Lumberjack and baby drag, but you will usually need to take two towers to win, because Graveyard decks can usually only take one Tower.

 Thank you for reading this!!!! For more detail watch this above video.

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