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This deck is one of the best Hog cycle deck. Hog is the major attacking card and rest are support unit.  Because the average elixir cost is just 2.6 you can cycle back to Hog and keep attacking the opponent.

About Cards

Hog: Your main tower destroyer. Support this unit with the Ice Golem and/or the Ice Spirit frequently.

Ice Golem: It is a good card. After the balance change this card become less effective but it is very useful with hog rider push. Just let the Hog Rider push the Ice Golem as a shield protecting hog from the direct attack.it is also use as a defensive card.

Ice Spirit: Ice Spirit is a supporting card for the hog rider. it can be use as offense and defense both.

Musketeer: The main defensive card in this deck. And it is probably be the mostly used card all over the world, So don't waste her or else your opponent can catch you off cycle.

Skeleton: For 1 Elixir, they stall troops for a good amount of time for your offense and defense.

Cannon: This is the cheap defensive building card. And very useful against the defensive targeting troops.

Log: Very useful card against the squishy unit.

Fireball: This is the card use for all the prediction plays. Understand your opponent’s defensive patterns and capitalize with a Fireball. If done correctly, then your push will reach the tower and do lots of damage.



At fist try to check the opponents card on the basis of that set your counter measures. this is a quit cycle deck so, try to get back quickly to our Hog Rider and support the hog rider with Ice Spirit/ice Golem/Fireball.

Against Tornado: Here you have to play aggressively. first you have to do is place the hog at the very left/right side of the river so that the tornado can not pull the hog rider to activate the opponents king tower.

Against Bowler: at least one time in the match, they will put the bowler in the back; I guarantee it. Do an extremely aggressive push to take down the tower.


Against Royal Giant: Put the Cannon at the front of the royal giant and a musketeer far from the Cannon so that lightning would not be able to target both Cannon and Musketeer. It is all a game of mix ups and mind games.

Against Graveyard Poison: Put th Cannon at the back with the log to kill the Skeletons. You can use Musketeer if needed.

Against Lava Hound and Balloon: This deck is weak against the LavaLoon deck.when you see opponent starting a push from a one lane then you have to start attacking the other lane. Then start defending the first lane. The most deadly part of the push is the Balloon. Also make sure that your Musketeer locks on to the Balloon, not the lava hound.

For More detail watch this video


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