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Hog Bait deck is the most popular deck of this week of stats royale. Wining rate of this deck is about 47.3%. The main damaging card is Hog and Goblin Barrel helps you chip in damage against the enemy tower. Ewiz can be use as a defensive unit as well as it will do lots of damage to the enemy tower if left unattended.


Hog: Your main tower destroyer. Support this unit with the Goblin Barrel and/or the Ewiz frequently.

Skeleton Army: Used to eliminate chunky units in the battlefield. Can also be handy in distracting big threats like some splashers, Elite Barb and the like. Can also make a chip in damage to towers if left ignored.

Goblin Barrel: Used to chip in major damage towards the enemy's tower. Support your Hog Rider with these effective Goblins. Might also help in defending your towers if in need.

Inferno Tower - Mainly for luring and killing chunky units like the Lava Hound, Golem, Giant and the like.

Electro Wizard: This card is so good. It is your secondary defense against hog rider if you don’t have inferno tower. With decks like these becoming popular, a Goblin Gang Hog Rider combo is countered by an Electro wizard for a positive elixir trade. Usually, you will want to utilize the spawn Zap to get +2 elixir value out of the troop.

Fireball: I chose Fireball over Poison to take out Minions faster when dealing with Royal Giant so that your Inferno Tower can lock on. If and when possible, it is worth it to take a -1 elixir trade to hit the troop and tower. However, if you are behind on elixir, don’t do so.

The Log: If a Goblin Barrel is coming at you, track the Goblins so that you don’t miss a trickster barrel.

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a hybrid of both, not having the best offense or defense, but it is well rounded.


The best opening move is Hog Rider so you can see your opponent’s response to your Hog Rider. Once you defend their push, you will most likely have cycled to your Hog Rider again.
If you do not have the Hog Rider, a Goblin Barrel is your next best move. Otherwise, wait for your opponent to make the first move and react accordingly.


Your main offensive card is Hog rider and Goblin Barrel.The ideal way to play this is to play the Goblin Barrel, immediately followed by the Hog Rider. Used to quickly punish your opponent for misusing spells or wasting elixir.


Against Graveyard Poison: Wait for some skeletons to spawn before you place the Electro Wizard to take advantage of the spawn zap. Or you can use log to clear out the Skeletons

Against Miner Poison: By placing the Inferno Tower, you are practically denying your opponent from placing a miner without killing the Inferno Tower first.

Against Hog Rider Cycle: if lone hog rider comes you should use Electro wiz not the inferno tower.Or you are welcome to use goblin gang gang or skarmy if the opponent have no spell in hand. You should only use your Inferno when the Hog Rider is accompanied by a good amount of support.

Against Spell Bait: this deck has enough card to counter spel bait deck. You can log them or u can use Elctro WIz skarmy or goblin gang to counter it.

Against Siege: You have to hurry up and take down one of the opponents tower. don't use inferno tower to kill xbow,place it between your tower to shock the damage done by the xbow and the use the counter measure.

Against Lava Hound: You can use inferno tower against Lava Hound, but you need Electro Wizard and Goblin Gang Or fireball to deal with the balloon.


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