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battle ram deck

Here I am with my first post on Battle Ram. I have tried this deck and this deck is pretty good. The 3-Muskets are awesome card. This deck is best for getting tree crowns. The Three Musketeers are split with two Musketeers on the other lane and one Musketeer on the other. The opponent has to defend the lane with two musketeer.The lone Musketeer on the other lane is joined by the Battle Ram. This split pushing is effective combined with the Knight and the Miner.

About Cards:-

Battle Ram: These barbarian duo with a Ram are your  Musketeer's partner. Put them beside the Musketeer and they will rush towards the tower and the Musketeer will support them.

Three Musketeers - Main card. These ladies pack a punch. If the opponent already used a Lightning, Rocket, or Fireball, you can deploy all three of them in a lane. But the strategy here is to split them and then have the lone Musketeer pair with the Battle Ram.

Miner: Miner is good cycle card and also good in doing chip damage to the tower. Very good support Card.
Zap - Skeleton Army and the Goblin Gang is one of the most common counters in the game. Use the Zap to get rid of them.

Minion horde - Use these Minion horde against ground units. They are very effective.

Elixir Collector - Since this deck is pretty heavy. You need all the help you can getting 9 elixirs for your Three Musketeers. Place it in front of your King Tower or at the corner of your base.

Skeletons - Miners usually swarm around the arena. If they are already focused on chipping your tower, use these 1 elixir Skeletons for a positive elixir trade.

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a hybrid of both, not having the best offense or defense, but if it is well rounded. Try and predict The Log placement with this card.


The perfect technique of this deck is to drop have the Three Musketeers part at the back of your King Tower. With the Two Musketeers on the other path and one Musketeer on the other. Drop the Battle Ram with the single Musketeer. The solitary Musketeer will offer help, while the Battle Ram dashes towards the tower.


In the event that you have an Elixir Collector toward the begin of the amusement, plant it before your King Tower or at the corner. Hold up until you have max elixirs and afterward convey your Three Musketeers and split them at the back of your King Tower. Same as the perfect methodology, match the Battle Ram with the single Musketeer.


This deck is not outfitted with any structures, you will utilize 1 solution Skeletons to draw the adversary's unit in the center. In the event that you know how to kite, you can kite them on the opposite side of the path and have both Tower Archers target them. You can utilize the Knight, Minions, and even the Musketeer in countering.

Thank you for reading! If you like it please comment down below.

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