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DECKS FOR ALL ARENA (Without Legendary)

giant deck
Giant | Witch | archers | knight | skarmys | spear goblins | bomber | arrows

1. Level 1 arena

In level 1 arena players are pretty much noobs, the make a lot of mistakes, they waste their precious elixir for cheap cards that die quickly.
Also, they usually have a hard time fighting big pusher decks. Those are the kind of decks that have a giant coming slowly from your main tower while acommulating troups behind the tank. Those decks use elixir more efficently that others because by the time the giant gets to the river, you have 20 elixir worth of troops in your side.
So that's the main focus for this arena. Using big pusher decks. Here is the best that I found, although similar decks with giant work very well.

You place the giant just behind your king tower to let him walk slowly and gain elixir. When you have 9, you use the witch behind the giant and the rest of the troops.
The giant will take all the damage while the other will destroy the enemies.
Simple but very effective.
baby dragon deck
Giant | baby dragon | archers | bomber | fireball | spear goblins|valkyrie |knight

2. Level 2 arena

Just like in level 1, in level 2 you can use the same strategy but in this arena you will have bigger levels.
I recommend you to upgrade giant and witch because they do most of the work. If you don't have the witch, use a baby dragon or some other splash damage unit. Bomber works great.
So the deck will be like this, considering you don't have the witch:

The idea is to have a lot of tanky troop that deal enough damage to survive your opponent's resistance.
Use the giant just like before but accompany him with the baby dragon and the bomber. They will destroy everything.
baloon deck
Giant | Balloon | minions | rage | fireball | valkyrie | spear goblins | arrows

3. Level 3 arena

In this arena players start to get good, they know their cards and they have some kind of strategy.
Usually you will find people with lots of units followed by a valkirie.
The solution to that is to use an offensive deck to make possitive elixir trades. Fireball is a must.
Using the fireball correctly you can stop even the biggest pushes because the players tend to overreact using all their elixir in the counter push.
Therefore, I recommend a deck like this:

Having unlocked the balloon and the rage, you can make some sick combos with the giant.
The idea is to push slowly from the back using the giant and when it gets closer to the riven, throw the balloon with the rage. Note that the balloon must be close to the giant but behing him, because you don't want him to get the damage. Better if it's on top, they won't be able to kill him quickly enough and you will have their tower.
Use the combo as soon as you have it available, all the time.
If they stop your push before getting the tower, you must prepare to the counter strike. The best option is to wait for the last second to throw the fireball.
This way you will hit a ton of units and those that survived the impact will be useless.
hog deck
Hog| minion horde | freeze | witch | valkyrie | archers | fireball | spear goblins

4. Level 4 Arena

Here is when things get nasty.
This arena is hard to climb because you must learn to defend your tower and to counter attack at the same time. Skilled players will try to push with tanky units in front of the squishy ones but it is stoppable.
Also, in this arena you get the hog rider. This card is very powerful because people don't react that fast and when they realize you have a hog, it's too late.
Upgrade him to level 5 as soon as possible to make him a beast.
Here is the best deck for this arena:

The idea is to use the combo hog rider-freeze anytime you can because it doesn't have clear counters. Then, when they come back, you use your witch behind your tower to kill all those annoying units.
You must learn the timing of the freeze. Once you throw it, it takes 2 seconds to active it, which is crucial. You want to use the freeze when the hog is almost dead in the enemy tower to freeze the units and the tower at the same time.
They will be painfully watching how you destroy their towers while their defending units are frozen.
Be smart and don't waste your elixir.
furnace deck
Furnace | zap | giant | hog rider | fireball | valkyrie | archers | minions

5. Level 5 arena

This arena can be easy or hard to climb depending on your skill.
If you understand when the spell is going to execute, you have a clear advantage over the enemy. In this arena they aren't that many good cards except by the zap and the furnace building. Zap requires some skill to use correctly because in some situations you have to wait until the enemies are at your side of the arena to zap them and let the tower kill them while stunned.
The best deck is the following:

Level up the furnace to level 6 or 7 and your fire spirits will be unstoppable to the tower because it will need 2 or 3 hits to kill them.
The furnace is the main card and you must use it wisely. Don't just put it behind the tower if you don't have enough elixir to stop a fast attack. Because many players will go all in the moment you put the furnace to take advantage of the price you paid.
Let the giant get some traction from behind your king's tower to put the furnace and then the archers. It is a very strong push if used correctly and you will win many games once you master this deck.
witch deck
Hog| zap | witch | spear goblins | inferno  | mini pekka | archers | minions

6. Level 6 arena

This arena is probably the toughest one because there is the miner and the log available. People with those cards can destroy you if they know when to use them, also the elixir collector will be a hard building to fight for it's resistance.
The idea for this arena is to kill your oponent before he kills you.
You will see a lot of tanky pushes with the golem and some with the battle ram. But the most dangerous card of all is the elixir collector.
They can get a huge advantage just by farming elixir with that building to then create a massive push with the golem.
If you find yourself in that situation, you won't be able to stop that many tanky units. That's why the best idea is to get a hog rider on the other side and push as fast as you can.
If they put down an elixir collector at the beggining of the match, you must act quickly with a hog rider and with a zap to get a quick advantage and stop their build up.
So the best deck for this arena is one that depend heavily on the hog and that has good deffensive power to counter attack:

You normally use this deck in two ways:
1. If they put down an elixir collector or a golem behind their tower, you play your hog rider on the other side to attack their tower quickly because they won't be able to defend with much.
2. You defend against a big enemy push with your inferno tower first, then the witch in the back and after the enemies have been killed, you play your mini pekka with minions if possible. That way you are defending and using the still alive witch to counter attack fast with the dangerous pekka.
Be careful with those enemies that try to build up a big push and act accordingly.
mini peka deck
mini pekka |wizard | fireball | zap | cannon | valkirie | musket | mega minion

7. Level 7 arena

This arena is hard to climb because there are cards like the elite barbarians and the three musketeers that will destroy your towers instantly at the smallest mistake.
You will see those annoying pricesses sniping your tower behind a tank like the royal giant that will make your life as an elite clash royaler a bit harder.
The royal giant is still strong and many people use him with small units like the minions to make huge amounts of damage quickly. This combo is quite powerful if they get the minions on your tower, because they make almost 100 damage per hit per second, which is insane.
The best deck for this arena is one that can kill the royal giant quickly and at the same time stop small units to counter attack, so heavy damage dealers are a must:

You play this deck by defending against the opponent's constant pushes and counter attacking quickly with big damage.
The mega minion and the mini pekka are key because those cards will make a lot of damage by air and ground, effectively killing those annoying royal giants with pricesses behind.
You can use the arrows instead of the zap to kill the pricess in one hit but you won't see them that much until bigger arenas. The princess can be really powerful if left alone, remember that each attack make almost 150 area damage.
musket deck
ice golem | mega minion | musketeer | vakyrie | fireball |zap | hog | cannon

8. Level 8 Arena

If you managed to climb to this arena, you should be confident enought to get to the next arena pretty quickly because in this playground there aren't that many new cards, although some are strong.
Like the bowler and the ice golem. The ice golem is excellent at baiting the enemy units to the other side of the arena.
If you use him at the middle of your side but with a little deviation to the opposite side that your enemy is attacking, you will make them follow the golem to the bridge of the other lane, which is really powerful and an excellent defensive measure to stop heavy hitters like the elite barbarians.
Also, if they play a giant skeleton, you can use that trick to make the skeleton walk slowly to the other side while getting destroyed by the towers and laugh you ass off as you see how they wasted 6 points of elixir.

The idea is to put the ice golem in front of the river with the hog behind to get both of them really fast to the tower. This works really good with slow pusher decks.
You will have to play counter offensively to stop those big pushes. That's why a valkyrie with a musketeer behind is an excellent combo, in fact is one of the best combos because one takes away the squishy units while the other destroys the big ones.
hog freeze deck
hog | freeze | zap | ice golem | mini pekka | minions | musketeer | spear goblins

9. Level 9 Arena

The new arena.
The jungle arena is almost the same as the level 8 arena because there are only 3 cards that can make a difference.
Although it may simple to climb to the next level, it is really hard if you are pretty new to this game.
What I mean is that you can only get better by knowing all the possible ways a card will be used so it's important to practice with your clan mates and test different combinations of cards as there are a lot of good choices.
This is what I consider the best deck to get to the next level without legendaries.

It is not an expensive deck because the idea is to push constantly with small wins whenever your opponent tries to push heavily.
You will stop the big units with the mini pekka and the ice golem, baiting all the possible damage to the other lane while attacking the other one with hog rider + minions.
You will see a lot of royal giants with basically every other possible card in the game because people know that it is quite unbalanced at the moment and they will try to go all in all the time.
Prepare to lose a lot of matches and to win a lot too because you will need to play lots of games to get to the last and most important stage of the game.

hog trifecta deck
hog | cannon | freeze | fireball | valkyrie | musketeer | ice golem | mini pekka

10. For Level 10 And 11 Arena

If you got this far it means that you are an expert in the game, because just approximately 2% of all the clash royale players get to the top.
It won't be easy to get there, lots of different combos, opponents and mistakes that you need to make to understand how a card can be used in combination with the others.
Important mechanics like the counter attack will be really important to win most of your opponents.
Some of them will be totally unpredicatable but most of them have the tipical hog rider and royal giant spamming to your tower.
That's why I believe this is one of the best desks out there to get to 4000 trophies and more without legendaries.
The deck is based on using the hog rider with the freeze at the perfect moment. Just when the hog is about to die and when your enemy deploys some units to defend against the push, is when you freeze them all for extra damage.
Just Spam the freeze hog combo and defend against other hog riders with the cannon and the musketeer.
Then, after defending you will have to use a Valkyrie in front of the musketeer to take all the damage and kill small enemies.
Mini pekka can be used to defend against the royal giant, the giant or the golem, or can be used to attack quickly with a smart used freeze at the right moment.
Learn about the possible situations that you may be in and you will get better really fast. After thousands of games, you will know this deck better that noone and you will be able to win almost any situation.
This is because the hog freeze combo is unstoppable if used correctly, although it is really hard to use the freeze at the exact moment the enemy is being deployed to stop all the damage and kill those towers.
I recommend you to wait until you enemy attacks to defend with a musketeer and combine her with a Valkyrie or and ice golem.
Remember that you can use the ice golem + mini pekka combo to have a quick and devastating attack to an unexpected side of the field and get the tower to half the life in little time.
Upgrade your ice golem to level 7 minimum to kill the skeletons with the explosion and to resist more damage for a small amount of elixir.
Don't forget that to get better is to imitate other people's decks so watch replays, copy decks and learn to use them to your advantage.
What is most important is to keep training with the same deck over and over until you find the best solution for every situation that you may be in.
Once you master it, it will be a matter of time and lots of matches, every day.
Although, at some point you will have to pay for more cards or play tournaments to get lots of gold. Tournaments are a really good way to see if you progressed or not and to get a lot of cards and gold quickly.

Have fun in the legendary arena!

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