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electrowiz bowler deck


Having the Bowler and the Graveyard is truly devastating, add the Electro Wizard and the Elite Barbarians in the mix, and you're going to be unstoppable. This deck is also well balanced to counter any ground or aerial troops trying to invade your territory. The best thing about this deck is its ability to do a split push.

  • Electro Wizard - His primary role is support and defend.
  • Bowler - Squashes low HP troops away.
  • Graveyard - Spawns Skeletons that can wreck a tower.
  • Elite Barbarians - A duo of power.
  • Minions - Fast and reliable.
  • Ice Golem - Cheap and can be used to mini tank.
  • Zap - Stuns and removes low HP units.
  • Fireball - A buzzer beater and can clear horde of enemy troops.


The ideal strategy of this deck is to start with the classic Bowler + Graveyard. Once the opponent is already starting to defend, deploy the Elite Barbarians to the other side. Use the Electro Wizard as a support on which of the two is dealing more damage.


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