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Night Witch is one of the most over power card out there in the clash royale. And using her with the Giant and Miner makes impossible to counter. Lets start our card overview and strategy for this deck.

About Cards

Giant: Good tank with only 5 elixir cost. Giant at the front of the Night Witch becomes deadly to the opponent. Always try to place giant at the back to king tower at the start of the game. Giant also act as a defensive card or distraction card when no other distracting unit are available.

Night Witch: Night Witch is very effective when she is put behind some tanking cards like Lava Hound, Goelm, Giant etc. Night Witch unlocks from Arena 8 Single target malee troop And probably the most powerful card out there in Clash Royale. she is similar to the witch but summons 2 bats instead of skeletons. before the Night Witch Die it summons up to 12 bats.she is the Most overpower card. 

Miner: Miner is good cycle card and also good in doing cheap damage to the tower. Very good support Card for Lava Hound.

Baby Dragon : Baby Dragon's splash damage clear the spawns from the the way and support the Lava Hound very well. its is the one of the best support troops in the game.

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a hybrid of both, not having the best offense or defense, but if it is well rounded. Try and predict The Log placement with this card.

Arrows: Arrows are best spell to take out spawns, minions, goblin barrels, and princess. Don't waste arrows.

Lightning: It is the best friend of the Giant and it take out the worst enemy of the Giant i.e. Inferno Tower and other defensive troops(like Electro Wizard, Mini pekka, Lumberjack etc.). Use it also to take out Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, and to finish off towers.

Mega Minion: Mega Minion is use in taking out Balloon,Lava Hound, and works as a great support troop.



This is the best offensive deck due to the Night Witch because She is the most overpower card right now. At the begin start with Placing the Giant at the back of the King Tower and start pushing with the night witch. The best placement for night witch is near the river. If the opponent have inferno then we have lightning to counter it. And if spawns or minion comes out then we have arrow to counter it. Play aggressive dont let opponent to settle down.


Against Beatdown, Golem or Giant Deck: Night Witch is amazing vs tanks but try to use something to tank for her. Ideally you want to use Giant on same lane while Night Witch taking care of the tank.She is really deadly on the counter push. Just protect her at all costs as she has the same HP as a Bandit, which is not a lot of HP but makes her very solid in counter pushing.

Against 3 Musketers : If you see opponent has 3 Muskets don't lightn the pump.Save lightning for the 3 Muskets. When opponent put there Pump start tour push in the same lane of opponent's pump. As your push crosses the river drop the Miner to the pump so that it can do some cheap damage on pump.

Against Hog Rider Deck: This deck has pretty good counter card against the Hog Rider Deck. Place the Night Witch or Mega Minion when Hog rider comes in. And there is goblin gang, Arrow, baby dragon to counter the hog rider deck. Always save your arrow for the Goblin Barrel.

Against Splashyard  deck: Every Deck has its weak point this deck is weak against splashyard deck. Executioner Tornado will deny the Night Witch along with support. Counter the executioner with baby dragon and graveyard with goblin gang. Play smartly against this deck.

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