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Golem Inferno Dragon Deck for Above Arena 6

Having a Golem in your deck usually means getting a combination with a heavy elixir cost. That's why the effective deck above is one of our recommended strategies as it has an elixir cost of just 3.5. That cost is pretty low, to think that the heavy Golem is in this deck.


The strategy here is to plant your Elixir Collector in front of your King Tower. This will serve as a lure and elixir helper. Be wary of Fireballs. Drop your Golem at the back of your King Tower and prepare for a push. Wait until the opponent is already locked on to your massive tanker and then deploy your Inferno Dragon with the Mega Minion. In this way, while they are focused on your Golem, the Inferno Dragon, etc will deal with those supports and the Golem will focus on the crown tower.
You can also use the Poison spell to help you get rid of counters. Spam your opponent with enough Golems to overwhelm him and probably push him to rage quit.

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