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hog executioner deck

Hog Executioner is a powerful combination for attack and defense. The main thing is to remember is that this is a cycle deck, so we have to cycle to hog as quickly as we can so that we can maintaining pressure on the opponent but attacking on them. and our Knight Execution and tornado can defend our tower really well.
Now lets talk about the card and there strategy.

About Cards:-

Hog: Hog is out main attacking card here so we have to cycle to Hog very quickly so we maintain pressure on opponent by attacking them. If the opponent have any defensive building then you have to out cycle them and make a counter push with hog.

Executioner: Executioner can take out spawns, Minion Hordes and other low level troops very easily. And due to his long range attack it can be very useful in defense.

Lightning: Lightning is pretty useful. It can take out the building defense or make very weak so that hog can take them out. Use it also to take out Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, or to finish off towers. Also. if opponent defends with cards that die to Lightning or lose a lot of HP to it, which give you value, don’t hesitate to use your Lightning!

Log: If a Goblin Barrel is coming at you, track the Goblins so that you don’t miss a trickster barrel. And also use in to take out the spawns and Goblin Gang.

Ice Spirit: One elixir card very helpful in distracting enemy troops or froze them so that our troop can take them out easily. Using them behind the hog is the best play
Knight: Knight is very good card for just 3 elixir. It is very good in defense. He is amazingly versatile. Especially at clearing out troops behind a tank, defending against splash and ranged troops as well as Elite Barb.

Skeletons: One elixir cost card use to distract troops or helps in taking out P.E.K.K.A or Giants or hog rider.

Tornado: Using the Tornado is the tricky part. If you are a good with the tornado then no one can stop you. The main advantage of tornado is that spell/troops nothing can damage the tornado.



First thing to do is  watch the opponents move. Start passively so that opponent cannot build a strong push. Try to activate the king tower by Tornado at first specially if the opponent have hog cycle deck. After taking that 1 hit, you should never get hit by the Hog by pulling it into range of all 3 towers.
Now after defending the opponent attack place your hog at the river and put ice spirit behind the Hog and start attacking and lightning if needed.
The important thing in this deck is cycling. Cycle back to Hog as quickly as you can and keep attacking your opponent.


Against Lava Hound Deck:If opponent has Lava hound, do not drop Executioner in any particular lane early on. Use Executioner and Tornado anything together, you will be light to shut all along any shove put dispatch by your rival.

Against Giant Beat down Deck: Again, Tornado and Executioner! Also, usually Giant beat down has cards that are weak to Lightning as soon as E-Wiz, Executioner etc. Try to obtain value by using Lightning concerning them, along with don't badly be in poor health approximately using it regarding defense.
Against Hog Rider Deck: This is a pretty easy match-up. Pull the first Hog to King’s Tower by using Tornado. Rest should be into kill zone just use the tornado well.
Against Splash yard Deck: In the splash yard Deck opponent always try to make a a strong push but you have to go aggressively on the opponent and lightning them. The main card against this deck is lightning and tornado. Using Tornado and Lightning in a smart manner, you can mitigate these potentially devastating counter pushes.

Against Night Witch Deck: This deck is the perfect counter for the Night witch deck. Executioner and tornado shut down the night witch. The strong thing about this deck is that this deck is the quick cycle deck. If the opponent use lightning and log on the executioner you will quickly cycle back to you Execution and start defending.

Against Royal Giant Deck: Don't try to rush on to the other lane try. You want to focus on the counter pushing. Use the Knight and the tornado on the Royal Giant. And use Hog rider on counter push. In the double elixir time you can use tornado to defend against the Royal Giant that prevent even 1 shot on the tower.

Thank you! For reading. And if you like it comment down below.

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