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hog night witch deck

Now all the waiting is anew the Night witch Hog deck is now here. I am infuriating to make a pleasant hog Night Witch deck for you all. By this Night Witch deck I have won 20 matches in a disagreement. As we all Know Night Witch is Insane and following the Hog she is unstoppable. Now lets us chat just approximately this deck's strategy.

About Cards:-

Hog: Your main tower destroyer. Support the Hog when the Night witch and it will acknowledge out the challenger's tower right away.

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a hybrid of both, not having the best offense or gloss, but it is skillfully rounded.

The Log: If a Goblin Barrel is coming at you, track the Goblins thus that you don't miss a trickster barrel. It is in addition to use to believe out the Princess, Spawns, Goblin Gang etc. But if the challenger have Goblin Barrel the retain the Log for that without help.

Fireball: I chose Fireball cutting edge than Poison to believe out Minions faster when dealing behind Royal Giant, Giant and Golem so that your Inferno Tower can lock as regards. If and in the midst of possible, it is worth it to recognize a -1 elixir trade to hit the troop and tower. However, if you are furthermore than upon elixir, don't realize hence.

Inferno Tower - Mainly for luring and killing chunky units joined to the Lava Hound, Golem, Giant and the also.
Miner: Miner is good cycle card and also good in doing cheap damage to the tower. Very good support Card for Night Witch.

Night Witch: Night Witch is very effective when she is put behind the Hog, Knight or Miner . Night Witch unlocks from Arena 8 Single target malee troop And probably the most powerful card out there in Clash Royale. she is similar to the witch but summons 2 bats instead of skeletons. before the Night Witch Die it summons up to 12 bats.She is the Most overpower card.

Knight: Knight is very good card for just 3 elixir. It is very good in defense. And also shield the Night Witch from direct attack.



With this deck You have to operate aggressively. Don't let the attacker bow to back more you. First function is u have Hog subsequently begin following the Hog therefore that you can see the foe's cards and accomplish accordingly. Or performance the Night witch later going on of the King Tower and begin pushing following Knight at belly and reprieve hog for more uncharacteristic and If foe have any Spawns later log it or fireball the opponent troops. you can in addition to use Miner as a Distraction for the Night Witch and Bats.


Against Beat down, Golem or Giant Deck:You have inferno tower and night witch to take them out. Night Witch is amazing vs tanks but try to use something to tank for her. Ideally you want to use Giant on same lane while Night Witch taking care of the tank. She is really deadly on the counter push. Just protect her at all costs as she has the same HP as a Bandit, which is not a lot of HP but makes her very solid in counter pushing. And you have also Inferno Tower which can take out the tank unit very easily. But First clear the way so that Inferno Tower can lock on to the tank unit.

Against 3 Musketers : this deck is very strong against the three Muskets Deck. There is fireball to that nearly kills the muskets of the same level and then give a finishing blow by log. Take down the pump by the Miner. And then start your big push. 

Against Hog Rider Deck: This deck has pretty good counter card against the Hog Rider Deck. Place the Night Witch or Inferno Tower when Hog rider comes in. And there is goblin gang and Knight to counter the hog rider deck. Always save your Log for the Goblin Barrel.

Against Splash yard  deck:
Every Deck has its weak point this deck is weak against splash yard deck. Executioner Tornado will deny the Night Witch along with support. Counter the executioner with Knight and graveyard with goblin gang. Play smartly against this deck. And you have Inferno Tower to Take down Bowler  

Against Lava Loon Deck:If the challenger have Lava Loon Deck subsequently you have to perform wisely. Place your Inferno Tower considering lava hound crosses the river. Inferno Tower can declaration you will beside the  Lava hound easily. But if the opponent places the balloon back subsequently it selected hard to defend. You have to Fireball the Balloon Lava Hound in the midst of the Lava Pups comes out. The place your Goblin Gang to submit to on out the Balloon .Don't agree to the opponent outsmart you.

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