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poison graveyard deck
This deck is very good. this deck is solid and super defensive as well.this deck works this well even though there is no log this deck. it require specical skill to play this deck to counter cards like goblin barrel. Now let us talk about the deck strategy and the about the cards we are using.

About Cards:-

Graveyard: Main wining condition and the damage dealer.

Bowler: Main defensive card as well as one of the few tanks for the Graveyard.

Knight: Knight is the 3 elixir card great in defense and and also do some tanking. This can be changed for Ice Golem, I tested both and found Knight to be more versatile but Ice Golem is better for quick pushes.

Electro Wizard: It is likely to be mostly used legendary card in the clash royale. Possible subs for this legendary is Mega minion or Musketeer. Electro wizard is very effective against the  Inferno Tower, Sparky, Inferno Dragon etc.

Baby Dragon- Baby Dragon is very versatile card. It can be used as offense and defense.

Tornado- Counters Hog, your initial counter for a Goblin Barrel and also an offensive move where you will clump your opponents defensive troops, allowing your Bowler and Baby Dragon to go toward the enemy tower.

Poison- You ideally want to pair this card up with your Graveyard but if you see  any value situations where you could Poison, feel free to do so.

Skeletons- Main cycle card, these can be placed in front of tank so Inferno has to melt 3 Skeletons before targeting the tank, this helps quite a bit, and also split skeletons to cycle as a start move is also a good idea. Skeletons counter Musketeer, Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A. This card is one you can use to gain Elixir advantages as well.

Video Strategy

This video strategy is for countering bridge spam deck.



Start out with the slow push. defend the opponents counters. A bowler in the back is the perfect play. So keeping that in mind, knowing you want Poison on offense you should typically save either the Knight or Baby Dragon on defense depending on what deck you are facing. Vs bait or Hog decks, Tornado is the key. Use it to get your king Tower active and with king Tower.
Around now feel free to cycle Knight + Graveyard thus attempting to out cycle counters if you are not a Tower up. This and cycling Poisons is also a smart idea to whittle away at the Tower. This should be done if your Graveyard isn’t too successful and spell cycling and occasional bowl, Knight swing and Baby Dragon hit is what you have to rely on to win.


Against LavaLoon: With just E-Wiz and Baby Dragon it might not seem like much but a well placed E-Wiz can stun Balloon and Lavahound while the Baby Dragon will splash both.

Against Royal Giant: This deck is weak against the Royal Giant. Taking a little time to kill an Royal Giant isn’t too bad as long as your troops stay alive and that lets you have time to build Elixir. This is a difficult match-up, which is why people at the top are cool using this deck. So my advice to you is, try and not give value and aim to take a Tower asap and then move onto the second Tower not letting your opponent even that playing field by taking yours. Before you take or damage their other Tower.

Against Beatdown decks:  Bowler Baby Dragon and Tornado is key in defense while you have the Knight for troops like Musketeers or wizards in the back.

Against Spell Bait and Hog: Tornado, Bowler, E-Wiz, Baby Dragon. All three deal with these well. Tornado the first Goblin Barrel, Hog etc to the Tower. E-Wiz and Baby Dragon can take the Goblin Gang or Skarmy. Poison on offense usually takes down whatever defenses your opponent has.

Thank you! for reading this blog.

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