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We all are familiar about the tagline of the Royal Giant "Destroying enemy buildings with his massive cannon is his job; making a raggedy blond beard look good is his passion." High level Royal Giant is so dangerous that if you left him unharmed it will destroy your tower within few second. And with the combo of Elite Barbarian and Lighting makes this deck unstoppable. Now lets talk about the cards and strategies

About Cards:-

Royal Giant: Royal Giant is the Main Offensive card of this deck. Start the Royal Giant the back of the king tower and then build the push. He can do lots of damage if left unattended.

Archers: Archers are the support card. They can take down the the air unit as well as ground unit. Best play with Archer is by putting her behind the king tower and so that she can go in both direction.

Elite Barbarian: Elite Barbarian is always on fire. They are very good in offense as well a defense. The can take down big tank troop within a second and can destroy the enemy troop if left unattended. They are fast and aggressive but can be stop by the spawns, goblin gang etc. But if you have log or zap with you the the enemy is in serious danger. 

Ice Spirit: One elixir card very helpful in distracting enemy troops or froze them so that our troop can take them out easily.

Furnace: Furnace is a great building card that release fire spirit constantly that easily make the spawns and goblin gang go away and make a clear lane for our troop. It is very dangerous if left unattended and also great distraction for Royal Giant Hog rider , Giant etc.

Log: If a Goblin Barrel is coming at you, track the Goblins so that you don’t miss a trickster barrel.

Lightning:Lightning can take take the worst enemy of the Golem i.e. Inferno Tower and other defensive troops(like Electro Wizard, Mini pekka, Lumberjack etc.). Use it also to take out Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, or to finish off towers.

Minions: Minions are 3 elixir fast flying troop and can take down any enemy on its way. Attack both air and ground unit. and best card to counter for card like Hog Ride, Spawns, Goblin Gang etc and distraction for inferno tower to protect Royal giant from direct damage.



First move we have to make is drop the Archers behind the king tower and wait to see what kind of cards opponent have. After Defending opponent's push drop the Royal Giant at the back and start pushing. When Royal Giant get to the bridge ready with the log if the enemy uses the spawns or use the Furnace if enemy uses the Minion Horde. Counter the troop wisely.


Against Hog/ Giant/ Beatdown Deck: Use Furnace to distract them. And use Archer to take them down. If opponent is have some backup troop then use your brain and counter them with lower elixir cost, so that you can use elixir in your push.

Against 3 Musketers : Don't save the lightning for the 3 Muskets. When the opponent place the pump immediately destroy it with lightning so that opponent cannot gain the elixir advantage, And you have Elite Barbarian to counter the three Muskets.

Against LavaLoon Deck: If the opponent have LavaLoon Deck then you have to counter the Lava Hound by the archers And Balloon by Ice Spirit and Minions.
If required you can distract the balloon by Furnace. Or Best way to defense is by offense. Push to the other lane when opponent drops the Lava Hound.

Against Splashyard Deck: This Deck have the counter measures for the Splash yard Deck. Counter the Bowler the Elite Barbarian, Graveyard with Archers Or minions. If the opponent have Poison and Graveyard the counter it with log that will take out the spawns and remaining Spawns can be taken out by Archers.

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