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Brawl Stars Beginners Guide (Basic Tutorial)
Welcome to Supercell’s brand new game Brawl Stars. This is most interesting moba game I have ever seen. The graphics are low but once you start playing this game then you will forget about stopping it. I have tried this game and out of all the moba game this game is truly outstanding. if you haven't tried this game I am strongly recommending you to try this game.

Brawlers, are heroes that you select and then play in a variety of online arenas. Each Brawler have different skills and different abilities that they can bring to the battlefield so that you get the edge. And win the game.

One of the things that make Brawl Star’s so unique is the various amounts of game modes. You’ve got a Bot Brawl, a Traditional Brawl, Co-Op Brawls.

In real time PvP, you’ll battle it out in which ever game type you select. The Co-Op brawl mode is where you team up with your friends and you guys go to battle against opponents.

In Brawl Stars there’s a variety of game types available as well. You can play a bounty mode where you go in a free for all style team vs team with each successive kill that you gain you’re able to add another star over your head.

For each star that appears on top of your head you are worth that many points to the enemy if they happen to take you out. So your most valuable players you also wanna make sure that you protect as its very likely that the enemies will start gunning for whoever is worth the most.

For more detail watch this video.

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