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Balloon Heal Deck

Balloon Heal Deck


Balloon+ heal is really a good combination. The Balloon is the main damaging unit. But it can easily be taken down as soon as it reaches the tower. But with the help of Heal spell it constantly regenerates itself and with the couple of hits it can destroy a tower. Now lets start the card overview and deck strategy.

About Cards

Balloon: The main win condition of this deck.

Electro Wizard: With its zap ability it is the great counter for the inferno dragon and and Inferno Tower. Use him with the balloon.

Fire spirits: Great against the low HP cards like minion horde or Goblin gang.

Heal: Cast this spell on Balloon to regenerate and last longer to deal with another hit.

Inferno tower: Great counter for the tanking troops like Golem, Giant, Royal Giant, Lava Hound, etc.

Knight: Cheap and tanky unit. Great in defense as well as offense.

Minions: Great support card for balloon. Good in defense as well as offense. Use them with the Balloon to distract the Inferno tower and Inferno Dragon.

Skeletons: For 1 elixir distracting card and also a great cycle card.


The first play is to start with the balloon and Fire spirit. Fire spirit can take down the Low HP units like Minion Horde or Goblin Gang and clear the path for the Balloon. and then cast the Heal spell for constant regeneration of the balloon.

If you feel like you don't have a good start you can cycle your cards by deploying the Skeletons at the back of the King tower. That help in reveling the opponents cards.

On defense, you can lure the opponents cards by Skeletons and then use Minions to clear them up. For tank unit you can use Inferno tower. And use Fire spirit on Goblin Barrel. You can also use Knight to Counter your opponent's units.

Inferno Dragon/tower is the main weakness of the balloon so you can use Electo wizard or Minions to counter the inferno Dragon/Tower.

For more strategy watch the video down below. 

Video Strategy

Thank You! And Good Luck!

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