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pekka bandit night witch deck


Bridge spam decks are really popular right in among the top players. As you guys have probably seen, bridge spam decks have been everywhere and this powerful version that includes the P.E.K.K.A has given me the most success. Lets start with the strategy.

About Cards

P.E.K.K.A: The P.E.K.K.A  is best on defense like a beast with the massive amount of hitpoint. PEKKA ca take down heavy tank card within seconds. 

Battle Ram: Main wining condition in deck.  You want to rush with Battle Ram+support the moment the opponent drops something heavy in the back like a Giant, Golem, Sparky etc.

Night witch: Very strong card in the meta right now. Use her as defense.

Bandit: After the buff, She is unstoppable. She is great support for pekka and Battle ram. Even with the little health she can deal a massive damage to the tower.

Poison: Your main damage dealing spell.

Executioner:  Great in dealing splash damage against the massive push. Pair him with tornado then he can destroy any push.

Tornado: This spell is great counter for hog and tornado can be used with the executioner to shut down massive push.

Ice spirit: great one elixir cycle card.


  • During the single elixir time defend your opponents push and the make counter pushes.
  • Make a aggressive push in the other lane with Battle Ram+ Ice Spirit+support when you see opponent deploys the 5+elixir card.  
  • This deck does not require too much skill to play just play wisely. 
  • In this deck there are many defensive unit like PEKKA, Night Witch, Executioner. 
In the double elixir time is almost the same but you should have figured out your opponents counters to your Battle Ram and your P.E.K.K.A.

For more strategy watch the video down below.

Video Strategy

Thank You!

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