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Bridge Spam Deck (Inferno Rush)

bridge spam deck


O.M.G This deck is really popular right now. Every top players are using this deck. So I tried this deck and this is good. The combination of night witch+bandit+Battle Ram is very good. Everyone is going crazy about this deck. This deck is  a tactic deck that relies on very offensive and pressuring troops such as the Bandit and the Rattle Ram.  Now here is the deck strategy about this deck.

About Cards

  • Battle Ram: Battle Ram is really good offensive card right now. This is the main wining condition of this deck.
  • Bandit: Due to recent buff there is significant increase in her popularity. Most of the top players are using her. 
  • Night Witch: The most OP card in the entire Clash royale. Can be use in defense or offense.
  • Inferno Dragon: Great counter for tanks.
  • Ice Golem: Low cost tank, slow down the troop after the explosion for few seconds. 
  • Zap: For those low HP troops and for Sparkys, Inferno Dragons, and Inferno Towers.
  • Poison: Poison can take out the spawns, Minions, Goblins and make a clear path to the bandit and Battle Ram.
  • Tombstone:Lures and generates Skeletons.


  • This deck is a tactic deck so you have to know the opponent's card and play accordingly.
  • this deck is a fast cycle deck so put pressure on opponent with your attacks.

  • Best offensive strategy is to use bandit as a bait so that opponent use there defensive building on bandit and then use Battle Ram with Ice Golem at front.
  • Use the night witch and infero dragon as defense. They are really strong and can take down the tanks really quickly
  • This deck is weak against the PEKKA deck. Try to take out the opponents PEKKA first the start attacking.
  • For more strategy watch the video down below.

Video Strategy

Thank you! for reading this. 

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