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Giant Graveyard Night Witch Deck

Giant Graveyard Night Witch Deck


This deck is really terrific. The combination of Giant+Night Witch+Graveyard+Electro Wizard make this deck OP. This deck is relatively strong against Spawner, Bait, Hog Rider and some slow push decks. Now lets talk about the cards and there strategy.

About Cards

Night Witch: She gets a nerf but still she is the most OP card in the entire Clash royale. Great in defense and offense both.

Graveyard: Cast this spell when Giant crosses the bridge. The graveyard will take down the tower if left unattended.

Giant: Main Tank of this deck. Team this unit with Night witch or Electro WIzard.

Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard is great against Inferno Tower/Dragon, Sparky etc. You can use him in defense. With his Zap ability he can get rid of the spawn.

Mega Minion: This is best against the Splash damage cards, Tanks or bulky units.

Skeletons: Basically they are just a distraction troops and a great cycle card.

Arrows: Perfect match up against the swarm units.

Fireball: This spell is both used in offense as well as defense. You can support your main unit by killing annoying troops.


The best play is to make a strong counter push with the Giant.

During Offense, Deploy the Giant at the back of the King tower. Before it reaches the River Support him with Night witch and ready to cast spell according to opponents counter. Save your Graveyard for the double elixir time

In defense , you can use the Electro Wizard , Night witch or Mega Minion. Ewiz is best against the Hog rider and Balloon push. Use the Night Witch to take out tank units. 

Save your spell and take down troops accordingly. If the enemy deploy Three Musketeers or Barbarian cast the Fireball on them. And save your arrow for the swarm units.

Watch the video down below for more strategy

Video Strategy

Thank You! And Good Luck!

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