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I think at this time sparky is really underrated  card in the clash royale. But after this deck review it really change my believes about sparky. The combination of OP sparky+Night witch is really deadly. I love to see sparky is on roll again because sparky was my first legendary card that i got in clash royale. Now lets get into the deck strategy.

About Cards

Giant: The main win condition of this deck. Support him with the night witch/ Baby Dragon/ Mega Minion etc.

Night Witch: She gets a nerf . But still she is the most powerful card in the clash royale.

Sparky: Use sparky as in defense and as a support unit.

Mega Minion: Mega Minion is use in taking out Balloon,Lava Hound, and works as a great support troop.

Baby Dragon : Baby Dragon's splash damage clear the spawns from the the way and support the Giant very well. its is the one of the best support troops in the game.

Fire Ball: It will take care of the clumps of troops. Great against three musketeers and other low HP troops.

Skeleton: 1 elixir cycle card.

Tornado- Counters Hog, your initial counter for a Goblin Barrel and also an offensive move where you will clump your opponents defensive troops.


The best play is to start with the giant at the back of the king tower and support the giant with Night Witch or Baby Dragon.

Try to play smartly and save your elixir to counter the opponent's push.

Top counter really big push do not afraid to use tornado with Fireball.

Go with the Giant in Same lane against the Beatdown Decks. That helps you in countering the big push by the opponent.  

Always use sparky as a defensive unit as she is good against taking out the tanks and three Musketeers

For more strategy watch this video By Ash form CWA mobile gaming.

    Thank you!

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