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Golem Executioner Lightning Deck

Golem Executioner Lightning Deck


If you love having a tanker as your main unit, this deck is for you. The Golem is there to intimidate and your Executioner to clear any pushes. You can also add the Ice Spirit to make them an easier target for your Executioner.

About Card

Golem: The main win condition of this deck. And also the main Tank unit.

Minions: Great support unit for Golem. Also can be use in defense.

Executioner: Executioner is really great support for Golem. Can be use as both offense and defense.

Lightning: Great spell against counters like inferno tower, Wizard etc. Also can damage a tower.

Cannon: Lures pushes in the middle of the arena. can shut down hog completely.

Elixir Collector: this will help you to collect elixir faster.

Log: extremely important against bait decks.

Ice Spirit: A cheap card to lure incoming troops or support for your push.


Start the battle by dropping your Elixir Collector at the back of the King Tower.

Once at full, plant your Golem at the back and then counter any invading troops with your cannon.

Once it reaches the bridge, place your Executioner behind your Golem.

Have your Lightning ready for any counters. 

On defense, you can use the Cannon along with The Log and Ice Spirit. You can also add the Minions.

Video Strategy

Thank You! And Good Luck!

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