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Graveyard Bats Fast Cycle Deck

graveyard bats cycle deck


This is a classic graveyard cycle deck with the newest common card in the clash royale The Bats. This deck is strong against the swarm slow push and hog rider cycle deck.

About Cards

Graveyard: The main win condition of this deck. If will take down the enemy tower if left unnoticed. Team up with Knight Or ice spirit.

Knight: Main tank unit. Knight is very effective in offense as well as defense.

Archers: Great support unit. Can easily take down the low HP and aerial unit.

Bats: Newest card in the clash royale can be use in both offense and defense.

Ice Spirit: Grate support card for graveyard. This card is also a cycle card.

Poison: Cast the spell along withe the knight and Graveyard combo. It will take down the low HP unit really quickly.

Zap: Cheap and effective spell can take down the spawns in one shot and effective againt the inferno tower, sparky and inferno dragon etc. 

Skeletons: Use as a Distractor. This card is also a cycle card.


The best play is Poison+Knight+Graveyard combo. This combination is lethal and it can do massive damage to the opponent's tower.

For cheap yet effective pressure, you can use the Archers Knight Combo. Tag the Bast or skeleton with them and ready to cast poison and zap if  needed.

You must create the pressure on the opponent as early as you can to distract the opponent in making their own big push.

For defense, If you are dealing with the tanks place the skeletons first to counter them. If support unit are behind deploy the Knight and archer to distract them. Use the Bats after the opponent cast the spell.

Remember that you do not have big counters against the big threats, especially if the game reaches the final minute. So you must take the lead as early as possible. 

For more detail Watch This Video.

Video Strategy

Thank You! and Good Luck!

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