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A expertly balanced deck as well as troops that can go all out offense and at the same become early be there just in dogfight your opponent settled to shove. This deck gave Ash 5 straight 12 wins the Grand Challenge Tournament - a quantity of 60 wins straight!

About Cards

  • Archers - Versatile offense and excuse card.
  • Fireball It will take care of clumps of troops.
  • Graveyard - Spawns scary Skeletons.
  • Hog Rider - He will distract the tower archer.
  • Ice Golem - A cheap 2 elixir distraction card.
  • Mega Minion - For your defense.
  • Tombstone - Lures and generates Skeletons.
  • Zap - For those low HP troops and for Sparkys, Inferno Dragons, and Inferno Towers.


Start by placing your Archers behind your King Tower. Upon reaching the bridge, place your Hog Rider in front and then cast your Graveyard spell on your opponent's tower. The Tower Archer can be distracted by the Skeletons or the Hog Rider. Either of the two, they will deal massive damage plus the Archers as support.

Video Strategy

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