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graveyard deck



The Graveyard is very scary as it can be deployed anywhere in the arena. It can spawn 20 skeletons in 10 sec which is good enough to destroyed any Tower and with the help from the miner and the Goblin Barrel this deck will surely hit the spot for a win!


  • Furnace - Burn them with those Fire Spirits
  • Goblin Barrel - Very good direct damaging card use it wisely.
  • Graveyard - Spawns a total of 20 level 9 Skeletons in 10 sec
  • Inferno Tower - Very good counter card for tanks
  • Miner - Can get rid of those Elixir Collectors
  • Minion Horde - very good air troop
  • Princess - Good range and a splash of Arrows.
  • Goblin Gang - Very good card in defense and can be use as distraction card against pekka, mini pekka, prince etc.(Replacement- Skeleton Army)


The best strategy for is deck is offense. Go full offense on the opponent's tower. First deploy the miner and the the Graveyard. The miner will tank the Skeleton and can do a huge damage. Use the goblin barrel wisely. Use the Princess Goblin Gang Minion Horde as the cycle card. The inferno tower is there to protect your tower from tanks.Those Fire Spirits from your Furnace can greatly help on eliminating aerial and ground troops.


 THANK YOU! For reading this.

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