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Graveyard Night Witch Cycle Deck

Graveyard Night Witch Cycle Deck


This is one of the best cycle deck I have ever seen. Its winning rate is also very high about 65%. This is a typical Graveyard cycle deck but with minor changes featuring Night Witch and Princess. This deck can defeat almost every deck. Now lets jump into the deck strategy.

About Cards

Graveyard: Main Win condition of this deck.

Night Witch: After getting a nerf from clash royale she is still  OP card. Use her against the tank unit.

Knight: Only tank unit in this deck. Use him in defense.

Princess: She is really effective due to her long range splash damage. She can take down low health troops easily.

Ice Spirit: Great cycle of 1 elixir. (Replacement: Tombstone)

Log: Great against taking down the ground low Health troops. Very effective against Goblin Barrel , Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang etc.

Poison: Cast this spell with the Graveyard for better result. 

Goblin: Cheap cycle card great in defense and doing some cheap damage (Replacement: Goblin Gang)


This deck is a cheap cycle deck. So play aggressively and wisely. But wait for the opponent to deploy his card first. That can help you to understand the opponent's deck and then play accordingly.

The wining combination of this deck is Knight+Graveyard+Poison. You can use Night Witch to support them.

If your opponent plays a high elixir card at the back then rush the other lane with knight and graveyard. Your opponent will probably spend a lot of elixir defending your push so you can counter the Golem with Night Witch or Goblin.

In defense, You have Night Witch that can take down any tanks. You can use princess to get rid of the Spawns and goblin and other lower health troops. Use the Knight as tank to absorb all the damage.

This deck is weak against the Balloon deck play smartly to counter them. 

Video Strategy

Thank You ! And Good Luck!

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