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Heal Three Musketeers deck ( Bridge spam Deck)

Heal Three Musketeers deck ( Bridge spam Deck)


I was looking for the new decks. And I thought 3 musketeer heal deck would be best for ladder and challenges. So I tried some heal+3 Muskets combination and here it is I finally found the best combination for heal+ 3 Muskets. Now lets begin with the strategy.

About Cards

Three Musketeers: your main winning condition of this deck.Split thge in need to make successful push.

Battle Ram: use this card to pressure your enemy.

Night witch: Very strong card in the meta right now. Use her as defense.

Heal: this spell will save your troop from being killed in an instant. Surprise our enemy by casting this spell while pushing tower.

Zap: Great spell to get rid of skarmy or other small troops.

Elixir Collector: this will help you to collect elixir faster.

Minion Horde: Great flying unit useful against getting rid of heavy tank troop.

Bandit: After the buff, She is unstoppable. She is great support for pekka and Battle ram. Even with the little health she can deal a massive damage to the tower.



The ideal strategy for this deck is by splitting the 3 Musketeers at the back of the king tower to create a two-lane push combo.

Put the Battle Ram as a tank in front of two Muskets.

On the other side Bandit will take the charge and absorb all the damage.

Ready with your Heal spell to heal Musketeers.

Make a aggressive push in the other lane with Battle Ram+ Bandit+support when you see opponent deploys the 5+elixir card.  


If the enemy starts attacking then use minion horde to get rid or the enemy troops.

If the the have wizard or executioner counter them with the Bandit or Night Witch. Use you card wisely.

Use the Battle Ram in Distracting heavy hitters like PEKKA .

3 Musketeers are great counter for the Lava Hound decks.

Video Strategy

Thank You!

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