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Mirror Night Witch Deck


This deck is really crazy and unique. Surgical goblin used this deck in CCGS. The combination of Mirror and Night Witch is really awesome. And good synergy with the princess and Goblin. Its really hard to stop two Night Witch coming at you with the support units. So lets jump into the deck strategy.

About cards

Night Witch: Really strong card in Clash Royale. Great in defense as well as in offense. Keep continuous pressure on opponent by night witch cycle with support units.

Mirror: Great card that helps to Mirror your Night Witch and Miner or any other cards.

Miner: 3 elixir cost legendary deploy anywhere in the arena. Good in getting some chip damage on the opponent's tower

Log: Use the log to get rid of the spawns or small ground unit. Mainly save him for the Goblin Barrel

Tornado: Counters Hog, your initial counter for a Goblin Barrel and also an offensive move where you will clump your opponents defensive troops.

Princess: 3 elixir cost legendary. Due to her long range splash damage is come in very handy in taking down small units. And also do some chip damage to the tower. She can be really dangerous if left unattended. ( Replacement: Arrows , Archers)

Ice Golem: Cheap tank unit. Protects the Night Witch form direct damage. Can also be used in defense

Skeletons: 1 elixir cycle card.


Try to play passively at first that will help you in understanding the opponent's cards. Then deploy the Night Witch at the back on both lane to apply more pressure on the opponent. If the opponent try to defend its tower on one lane then you can go hard on the other tower.

This deck is basically as a chess game. make your opponent fall into your strategy and keep continuous pressure on the opponent.

At the end of the game if opponent's tower have some hp left then best way to take down opponent's tower is by deploying Ice Golem at the bridge and then Mirror you Miner to take down the tower.

In defense Tornado is good counter for hog. Pull the hog to the center and activate your king tower.
after that whenever you see hog is coming just pull him to the center. Night witch is Great against the Tanks. And the princess will take care of the Low Health troops.

For detail strategy watch this video down below.

Video Strategy

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