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New Hog Princess Cycle Deck

New Hog Princess Cycle Deck


This deck is upgraded version of the classic Hog cycle deck. And actually it is better then the Old Hog cycle deck. The Electro Wizard and Guards are really good Support and defensive units. Now lets jump into the decks strategy.

About Cards

Hog Rider: The main win condition of this deck. Use him constantly to keep pressure on opponent.

Princess: 3 elixir cost legendary. Due to her long range splash damage is come in very handy in taking down small units. And also do some chip damage to the tower. She can be really dangerous if left unattended. ( Replacement: Arrows , Archers)

Electro Wizard: One of the widely use card in the Clash royale. Due to his zap ability he is effective against the Spawns, Inferno Tower/Dragon, Sparky etc.(Replacement: Mega Minion)

Log: Use the log to get rid of the spawns or small ground unit. Mainly save him for the Goblin Barrel

Rocket: Rocket deals a high damage in small area. Save it for Elixir Collector or Medium Health troops like 3 Muskets , Wizard, Witch etc

Ice Golem: Cheap tank unit. Protects the hog form direct damage. Can also be used in defense

Tombstone: Troop building constantly deploy skeletons. Great against Hog rider, Bandit, Pekka, Prince etc. 

Guards: 3 elixir cost epic card great in defense.


First study the enemy's cards early. Through this, you can drop the cards needed depending on the situation. 

Best play is to start with a Hog and Ice golem at front to protect the hog from direct damage. Prepare your log to counter potential counters. Constantly cycle back to the Hog+Ice Golem and keep up the pressure on the opponent.  

In Defense, You have Electro wizard, Tombstone, Guards, to counter the enemy cards. Save your Rocket for Elixir Collector or Medium Health troops like 3 Muskets , Wizard, Witch etc. Princess can do some chip damage and also get rid of the small health troops.

Do not hold back and keep attacking with Your Hog rider+ Ice Golem combo. 

For more Strategy watch the Video Down Below.

Video Strategy

Thank you! And Good Luck!

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