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Princess Rocket Deck ( New Bait Meta Deck )

Princess Rocket Deck ( New Bait Meta Deck )


Welcome back! This is a new bait meta deck for you. Bait deck is like a chess. You have to force your opponent to commit mistakes and continuously keep pressure on opponent.
princess is a three elixir legendary card and she can hit both ground and air targets. She can be useful in both defense and offense. this deck is effective when you use Goblin barrel and Rocket constantly. Lets talk about the cards and strategy.

About cards

Princess: Due to her log range she is very effective and can be used in both offense and  defense.

Rocket: Rocket have high hit point. Combine the rocket with the Goblin Barrel for more effect.

Goblin Gang: great cycle card can be use in defense as well as can do some chip damage to the tower.

Knight: Main tank unit for this deck. Use him as defense so that it can soak  the damage.

Zap: 2 Elixir cost spell. great against low HP troop like skeletons or goblins etc.

Inferno Tower: Best counter against the tank unit.

Goblin Barrel: Used to chip in major damage towards the enemy's tower.

Dart Goblin: He is fast, single target, ranged troop with low hitpoint. Best used behind the Tank.


First wait unit the elixir is full. then you can wait for the enemy to move first or you can start with deploying Knight at the back of the King tower.

If the enemy place the tower in front of the Knight then prepare your Goblin Barrel to chip in some damage on the targeted tower. But change the position of the goblin barrel every time when your use it.

The best offensive move is deploy the goblin barrel just behind the rocket. That makes goblin Barrel invisible to the opponent.

Once the opponent cast the deadly combo of Hog+Minion Horde or Giant+Minion Horde Lure there them to the Inferno tower and Place the Princess behind the King tower so that the princess can take out the Horde and Inferno Tower can take out the Tank.

The main weakness of this deck is Lava Hound Balloon deck. You have to play smartly against this deck. Don't let them make a big push. Keep up you pressure.

For more detail strategy watch the video down below. 

Video Strategy

Thank you! And Good Luck!

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