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Battle Ram Freeze Deck

Battle Ram Freeze Deck


Ice Wizard is my first legendary card. But due to his low effectiveness I stop using it. But now Ice Wizard is back again and also I think Supercell is going to buff Ice Wizard .This deck is used by Molt and also I tried out this deck. This deck is really good. Battle Ram and Freeze Spell combo is very effective. In defense we have Valkyrie and, Ice Wizard, Mega Minion and Mini Pekka. I will definitely recommend this deck in ladder. Now lets jump into the deck strategy.

About Cards

Mini Pekka: One of the best defensive unit because of his high hit point. Great against Hog Rider.

Valkyrie: She is also one of the great defensive unit.She is tough melee fighter, deals area damage around her. swarm or horde, no problem! She can take them all out with few spins. 

Ice Wizard: The Ice Wizard is best used defensively and to support a push. Maximise the use of his slowing effect because he does not do much damage.

Battle Ram: The main win condition of this game. Use this card to pressure your enemy. More effective with Freeze spell.

Freeze: It is a spell that prevents all enemy units and buildings inside its radius that were placed before the Freeze from moving or attacking.

Fire BallThis spell is both used in offense as well as defense. You can support your main unit by killing annoying troops.

Log: Use the log to get rid of the spawns or small ground unit. Mainly save him for the Goblin Barrel

Mega Minion: This is best against the Splash damage cards, Tanks or bulky units.


Best Strategy is to passively at first that will help you in understanding the opponent's card. Then counter them accordingly.

The best Offensive play is deploy the Battle Ram on the bridge and then ready with your freeze spell to cast upon the enemy's counter.

In Defense we have many options we can use Mega Minions or Mini Pekka to counter tanks or Hog Rider. Valkyrie and Ice Wizard to deal with the swarms and Horde. And Log to counter Goblin Barrel or other low health troops and Fire Ball can take out horde in one blow.

For more detail and strategy watch the video down below.

Video Strategy

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