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Best Answers From Developers On Reddit ! (#1)

Hello Royalers! Today the Clash Royale development team is on reddit, which for those who do not know, is something like a forum, answering questions from the players!
The post can be seen in this link here. I decided to select the best answers. I chose a lot, about 30 answers, so I decided to split this post in other places, stay connected here on the site to check everything!
In the midst of the answers they gave quite a bit of insight into what we should expect for the next update, talked about the backstage of Clash Royale and put an end to some myths of the game. Honestly, there's a lot of cool stuff!
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The development team members who answered the questions were:
  • Stefu - Design
  • Brice - Art
  • Chih - Art
  • SeeYouInJune - Art
  • Cip - Art
  • Bangs - Developer
  • Dave - Developer
  • Tim - Community
  • Chon - Community
  • Kim - Events

Legendary Cards, New Game Mode, Quests and more ...

1When will we have another update?

A:  We're working on it now (actually, we're taking the time to answer your questions on reddit, but let's get back to work on it soon, I promise!) . We have some interesting things coming in, I do not want to ruin any surprises, but wait for something in October.

2Hello, are you going to cast cards that are rarer than the Legends?

A:  We are not sure, but we have played with the idea of ​​'Heroes', but again, it may be a type of card of its own (aka could be Legendary, or could not).

3Will you change the input screen?

A:  Definitely yes. It is something that is currently being worked on (we can have it in the next update)

4Do you consider implementing a temporary ban (say 5 minutes) for players who constantly abandoning 2v2 games?

A:  Good point! That's in our minds, I'm not sure about the ban yet, maybe some way that would encourage us to end 2v2 battles. Playing with a real friend definitely prevents the possibility of "random" players to "give up."

5When is the next update planned? Any previews you can give us?(I.e.

A: Summary of spoilers:

  • New game mode
  • QUESTS (tasks)
  • And much more: #bestupdateever (#BetterAllAllAll)

6I have two questions: 1 ° What is behind PEKKA? 
2nd Is the Mega Knight the Clash of Clans builder?

A: Well, no one knows what's behind PEKKA armor! And no, the Mega Knight is not the builder! Hahaha

7Are you thinking of adding more 'Spirits' in the game? I really like the idea of ​​them, cheap cards (if used correctly) with great value that can be easily countered.

A: We've experimented with several different types of spirits, just trying to make them work and offer unique gameplay.

8Have you ever considered making the Clash Royale decks with more than 8 cards? (I say something like 10 or 12). A new way maybe?

A: Interesting idea! We already talked about this on the team. However, it would be very careful to have larger decks, 8 is a good balance average to provide enough variety without being too overwhelming. Keep it simple and elegant!

9Have you ever looked at the community (forums, reddit) for new letters / resources and balancing ideas? If so, how do you respond to this? And furthermore, how do you respond against hatred to the development team such as cash starvation charges and combination of matchmaking?

A:  Many of us follow the forums / reddit very actively. I personally love reading well written messages and ideas and analysis about the game and often they are really useful as well.

10Hello, will you adjust the Clash Royale to fit the new Samsung S8 (16: 9 screen), a proportion that several other companies are adopting?

A:  We are aware of this and definitely paying attention to it!

So these were some of the questions answered by the development team! Soon I will bring a second part and there at the end of the day I bring the third part.

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