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Giant Witch Deck (Without Legendary)

Giant Witch Deck (Without Legendary)


This deck is one of the best deck without legendary cards. The Giant and Witch combination is reall awesome. This deck is good in tournament and also in trophy pushing.

About card

Giant - Main Damage Dealer in your Deck . Start with Slow pushes by deploying it behind the King or Combine with a Counter Push (Recommended) to do some serious Damage.

Witch - Deploy It Behind the Giant for a push or with the Valkyrie or Musketeer to Stop incoming Pushes.

Valkyrie - A Very Versatile Card in this deck . I use it to take down Support troops behind the Giant and combine with a Musketeer // Giant // Witch for a Counter Push.

Musketeer - Good single target damage dealer . Can Stop an incoming Valkyrie Push. I use it behind the Valkyrie.

Zap - I really love this card . It can reset Sparky's timer .

Goblins - I like them . They can take down a Musketeer // Princess Real fast .

Spear Goblins - Support Troops for a push or Distractions for a Mini Pekka // Pekka // Prince .

Fireball - Just a Spell card to deal a final blow to a weakened Tower. I use it to take down Barbarians or Minion Horde when I dont have the Witch . 


Start with the Giant at the back of king tower and then support your Giant with Witch or Musketeer. 

A Single Witch Can take down 4 Barbarians . Don't need to Waste Fireball. 

If your Giant is going Alone on Defense , A Fireball + Zap Combo can take down most troops to let your Giant live for a longer time.

To take down Sparky use Zap + Goblins + Minions ( if required ) . 

Zap + Spear Goblins if your opponent uses Minion Horde on Defense.

For more strategy watch the video down below.

Video Strategy

Thank You!

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