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Graveyard Night Witch Control Deck

Graveyard Night Witch Control Deck


This deck is more like Graveyard Night witch control deck. This deck is relatively strong against the slow pushes, Hog deck, Bait deck. The Elixir pump plays an important role in generating the elixir quickly. Now lets jump into the strategy of this deck.

About Cards

Night Witch: Really strong card in Clash Royale. Great in defense as well as in offense. Keep continuous pressure on opponent by night witch cycle with support units.

Graveyard: Main Win condition of this deck.

Electro Wizard: One of the widely use card in the Clash royale. Due to his zap ability he is effective against the Spawns, Inferno Tower/Dragon, Sparky etc.(Replacement: Mega Minion)

Ice Golem: Cheap tank unit. Protects the Night Witch form direct damage. Can also be used in defense. ( Replacement: Knight )

Poison: Cast this spell with the Graveyard for better result. 

Log: Use the log to get rid of the spawns or small ground unit. Mainly save him for the Goblin Barrel

Guards: 3 elixir cost epic card great in defense.

Elixir Pump: The Elixir pump plays an important role in generating the elixir quickly.


Try to play passively at first that will help you to understand the opponent's deck.and counter them accordingly.

Ideal strategy is to deploy the Ice Golem at the back of the king tower and deploy night witch or Electro Wizard at the back of Ice Golem to support Ice Golem. When Ice Golem crosses the bridge deploy graveyard on to the opponent's tower and ready to cast Poison as soon as enemy put there counter for the Graveyard.

In defense you have Electro Wizard that is great counter against the Hog Rider. Electro Wizard Good in taking out the Skeletons army and also slow down the Balloon. And Night Witch is great counter for the Tanks. And to Counter Pekka and Bandit you have Guards.

For more strategy watch the video down below.

Video Strategy

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