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Mega Knight Challenge!!

The Mega Knight Challenge has finally been revealed, it will be available this weekend, starting on Friday!
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First of all, this will be a normal challenge, that is, each one by itself (nothing 2v2) and you will be able to build your own decks.

Mega Knight Challenge

Create your Deck with the Mega Knight, a new legendary card! Collect unique rewards as you advance in the challenge and unlock this card sooner!
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In this challenge you will earn gold, gems, chests, and the Free Mega Knight through unique rewards. 
With 2 wins (1,500 gold), 5 wins (100 Free Gems ), 8 wins (1 Free Giant Chest), 10 wins (15,000 gold) and by completing the challenge with 12 wins you unlock the Mega Knight card .
In total there will be more than 27 THOUSAND OF FREE GOLD, GEMS, THE MEGA KNIGHT  , for those who manage to complete the 12 victories !! 
The challenge is visible in the game and shows that it will start the day after tomorrow at dawn and will be available during the weekend! So now you are planning to use the deck to challenge it as soon as it starts, I'll try to bring you some tips to win the Mega Knight Challenge for you!
So, what did you think of this challenge? Tell us about it!

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