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Mega Knight Pekka Deck!

This Mega Knight and PEKKA Deck is one of the best decks currently with the legendary new Clash Royale card! This Mega Knight deck is perfect, learn how to win 12 victories in the Megakuster Challenge and using PEKKA !
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In the video he battles with the deck, so you have a base of how to use the cards!
Video Strategy

The Mega Knight Deck and PEKKA

This is the complete deck for you to copy:
Clash Royale Megacavaleiro Card - Cards WikiClash Royale PEKKA card - Cards WikiIce Spirit Card by Clash Royale - Cards WikiClash Royale Megasservo Card - Cards Wiki
Clash Royale Goblins Card - Cards WikiClash Royale BatsCard Mage Electric Clash Royale - Cards WikiClash Royale Chart - Cards Wiki

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