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Ramp Up Challenge !

New to Clash Royale! Just announced a new Challenge for the game, which will feature a different dynamic, check out more details in this post!

1x, 2x and sometimes 3x of Elixir!

"Play the new Ramp-up Challenge! Take on the challenge to get unique rewards and complete it with 9 wins "
In the first minute the elixir is normal, in the second minute we play with double elixir and in the third the chaos takes over and the elixir production is tripled! O/
In this challenge you will win gold, cards and treasure chest with unique rewards with 3 wins (1,000 gold), 5 wins (2,500 Gold), 7 wins (3 Epic Cards) and completing the challenge with 9 wins Giant)!
If you wanna know more about Ramp up challenge the watch the video down below by Orange Juice!

Check out the Decks you can use in This Challange:

Golem Executioner Lightning Deck

The Ramp-up Challenge will be available for you to play from tomorrow. And best of all, it will feature the first free entry!

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