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The Best Answer From Developers On Reddit ! (#2)

Hello Royalers! This post is the second part of the best answers from developers on Reddit. So if you have not seen the previous answers, I recommend clicking below and go there to check, before continuing in this post here, to better understand how it works:

Ghost Card, Clan Wars, Sparky Trash and Reformulation of Custom Tournaments

So in this second part I selected some very interesting answers, where the developers reveal some basic details about the next update, play a little joking Sparky and some of his plans for the future of the game!
Image result for clash royale ghost card

1The battles 2v2 will stay permanently?

A:  Tim has no plans to remove him ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

2Weekly achievements, such as getting 500 crown, donating 1,000 XP (of cards) and so on.

A:  Achievements have become a bit forgotten, the goals are also maybe too big to compete for more players. We are currently considering ways to make shorter term goals for casual achievable objectives. We are surely to encourage good behavior such as donating and collecting crowns for the clan.

3Hello. Have you considered activating Private Messages (PM) among the players?

A:  Hello! We think, it will not happen. With an average age of young players base, it could be potentially dangerous.

4What is your favorite card? And why is Sparky?

A:  Because everyone needs a trash can. 

-Responsible for: Bangs

5When your team says "We have to start working for a new update", what part do you start with the first one? (Drawing of new cards, Programming codes for new features, Sounds, Mechanics, Small features and etc.)

A:  The first thing we do is go around in a circle around a white board and discuss what the game already has and needs to be improved or something is missing to complete. Then evaluate what can be done in the given time. Then divide the tasks between our areas. New cards and sounds are usually determined, but we will try to have at least one new card per update. We try to address great features first and often resources are moved around as we get even more into the development cycle.

6Why the Lumberjack can not cut and pass through the Log ???

A:  Because the trunk is already cut!

7Have you ever considered making it easy to add new friends to the Royale? (like a friend request button on player profiles or something)

A:  It's something we've already talked about how it can be improved in the future. Our main goal at the moment is that we need a way to communicate with the game friends outside the Clan and we want to avoid the invitation SPAM of friends.

8When they are going to release the last 2 cards, and the cards that will be released in the next update

A: We are aiming to launch a new letter per month, so our next new letter will probably come out by the end of September. 
We have not yet decided which cards will be in the next update yet, but we've played around with the Ghost Card idea again!

9Is there a plan for redesigning Custom Tournaments?

A:  Interesting question! 
We want to do something with *** Custom Tournaments and we would also like to add more features to the competitive game and games with friends. We do not have any of that coming up with the next update, but it's something in our road map!

10Do you already plan to do some kind of version of Clan Wars?

A:  We do not know when ... but I can assure you that we talk about this many times (big update, a lot of work to do) we hope to see this soon enough.

11Have you ever thought about having a Curator, a Physician, an Angel, that kind of thing, or a beam that heals nearer troops or in an area?

A:  It is certainly tempting, the great danger of this type of troop is that it could easily become very powerful ... being able to build a multitude of troops that simply mess up the battlefield. Getting the troops to die, with the addition of the elixir ability gives the game a natural cycle of attack, and adds a natural pause between moves to regroup. The healing spell already fills this space (even this spell may need some balancing: P) 

12Can you remove the full refund on tournament cancellations? This is being used abusively by scammers.

A:  We will actually be removing the full refund (by canceling tournaments) on the next update.

What did you guys think of this second part of the best answers? Tell us about it!

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