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X-Bow lightning deck

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With the recent balance of August , one of the cards had a slightly improved was the x-Bow, which ended up attracting the attention of some players, so if you were looking for an x-bow deck, which is a letter hated by many ,  in this post I will send a tip to anyone who is in Arena 6 and above.
With this deck, if you're in Arena 6, you can easily reach Arena 9 if you get the hang of using the deck and check out these post tips!
The deck is this below:
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About Cards & Strategy

X-Bow - With X-Bow being your main source of damage, always know if it's the right time to put it in the arena. It is perfect for when they are accumulating a push behind a Giant or Lava hound and they put up a support troop. So when you have 10 elixir, place your x-Bow, the opponent will be with little elixir. Always place your x-Bow with 10 elixir or else you will not have enough to defend yourself against the counters.
Guards - This is one of the best deck cards! They can stop small troops, but can also help in eliminating the Mini PEKKA, Prince, Musketeer, Lumberjack, Miner, PEKKA and other melee. Always try to have these guys when you put the x-Bow, you can eventually figure out your opponents' cycle and use the Guards more effectively.
Lightning  - Lightning can be used to eliminate the Three Musketeers, multiple units (Mini PEKKA, Musketeer), which can also take enough life from the opponent's tower. The point is that lightning will not deal with a large group of troops and in this meta  simply does not seem to work so well with Poison. Poison can take a variety of things and costs less elixir, it cycles faster and provides a quicker and cheaper option. Although it deals 150 damage less than lightning, it is more versatile. I'd rather take the poison over the lightning bolt at this goal.
Fire Spirits  - A very versatile card, as they can eliminate Skeletons, Guards, Minions, Melee Troops, Musketeers. They are mostly used for defense, but they can be used to deal a little more than 250 damage when you need to take some life out of one of the towers. One thing you can do is, when you need to deal damage and your opponent is sending Zap in your inferno tower, you can bait the opponent's zap by throwing the solitary fire spirits.
Ice Spirit - One of the essential cards, because this face only costs one elixir to which they can be used, deals 100 damage, freezes combos and cycles your deck. Always have this card in your hand when your x-Bow is placed in the arena. He can stop the card his opponent is using to finish off his x-Bow. Like I said one of the deck's essentials.
Mini PEKKA - She's a beast. It can be used as a second high DPS defense. Used to stop Giant, Prince, Miner, Knight and other tanks. Many people have asked me "why Mini PEKKA, I prefer to use the Lumberjack", I say that the Lumberjack is simply not a Mini PEKKA, the Mini Pekka can be more reliable. 
Tower Inferno - This card is strictly used to defend the X-Bow or just to stop a heavy push. You can put it wherever you want, but of course it must be in a way that can wipe out tanks and air support.
Log- Used to finish off Princesses and small melee units. But it can also be used to 'retarget' (change the target) of troops and push a unit to save your x-Bow.

Video Strategy

So that's it, I hope you found this guide useful, and that you succeed and have fun using the deck. Leave your comments and experiences; I'm interested to see how it works for you!

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