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2v2 mega knight challenge

We will have the  2v2 Mega Knight Challenge ! But this time closing the challenge will not guarantee him, but a Legendary Chest Free, which is also great!
The 2v2 Mega Knight Challenge is already visible in the game today, but will only be playable from tomorrow, making it available throughout the weekend!

Play with or against the Mega Knight

Mega Knight is already on the loose! You can find it in Arena 10 or higher chests. Play with or against the Mega Knight in this Challenge and 2v2 special!
In this challenge you will win gold, cards and a unique rewards, with 3 wins (30 Common Cards), 5 wins (10 Rare Cards), 7 wins (2 Epic Cards) and completing the challenge with 9 wins a Chest Legendary!
2v2 mega knight challenge video:-

Remembering that this 2v2 Mega Knight challenge will be in the Strategy Challenge format, then you will not be able to give decking tips to the challenge. Good luck to everyone!

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