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Big News About Clash Royale Discord Server!

Hello, everyone! The source of this information is clashroyale reddit page.
Today the mod team has some exciting news for you, and it's all about our discord server! As of today, we have officially swapped the ownership of the /r/ClashRoyale discord server to the Clash Royale community team. Don't worry (please, don't hurt us!), we have negotiated the terms to be in our favor, and we hope this will be beneficial to the entire community. I will outline what will be changing and what will be staying the same.
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  • The new owner will be the Clash Royale account, run by a few excellent community managers over at Supercell who we keep in direct contact. (They also run /u/ClashRoyale )
  • The name will change from /r/ClashRoyale to Clash Royale
  • The server will get verified! (This means it will become the official discord for Clash Royale!)
  • More interaction with the Clash Royale team, as they will occasionally hop onto discord to answer some questions and give some fresh news and information.
  • Hopefully, a lot more users will join to help grow our community as well as chat with other Clash Royale players!

Not Changing

  • Under the terms, we will retain all administration on the server, and continue to run it as we have been since the start.
  • Our staff is staying the same, keeping our same permissions and positions.
  • Our server link, long live http://discord.gg/ClashRoyale!
  • Our rules, nothing is changing as of now. Supercell will not be adding new rules, and also will not have a hand in moderation decisions.
  • The subreddit will remain independent, with Supercell still having no involvement or interactions regarding the management of the sub.

A few more notes

  • If we ever feel like we have lost control of the server or the community is not getting the full benefit out of this change, we will return the server to its previous state, with the name /r/ClashRoyale and the ownership back under my account.
  • We are not being paid or endorsed by Supercell to make this decision; this transition is by our own accord with the hopes to grow our discord community and create a new area for challengers to unite.
  • We hope you understand our decision to do this. If you ever have any questions about the transition, please contact us via modmail, or message the modmail bot on the discord server. A staff member will be able to help answer your questions, and we hope to be as clear with everyone as possible.

Miscellaneous server news

  • We recently hit a new peak of 29k members!
  • Our recruitment branch has been officially partnered, now reachable at http://discord.gg/RoyaleRecruit.
  • We have a new moderation bot, replacing BarbarianBot with full moderation tools. Meet Elite Barbarian!
  • We have a brand new ModMail bot, and it's faster than ever.
  • We are sorted and ready to go with the channel categories feature. We will release a discord announcement with a bit more information once we are ready to go.
  • /u/balancegenerally will be hosting a discord tournament soon! Stay tuned to the discord server and the sub for more information on it!

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