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Flying Machine Challenge!

Yesterday Supercell released an image showing the Flying Machine being piloted by a mysterious character, but today we have the confirmation of the Clash Royale letter challenge, which will start tomorrow and will be available over the weekend.
Image result for flying machine clash royale
The image released yesterday shows the Flying Machine with this small visual change (or it may just be a promotional image). The Flying Machine challenge will feature the first free entry and will give players the chance to unlock before the official release.
Choose 4 cards and receive 4 cards from your opponent. One of you will play with the Flying Machine! Advance on the challenge, collect unique rewards and unlock this card!

Unique Rewards

  • 2 Victories: 2,500 gold
  • 5 Wins: 5,000 gold
  • 8 Wins: 10 Flying Machine Cards
  • 10 Wins: 15,000 gold
  • 12 Wins: 100 Flying Machine Cards
In total there will be more than 33,000 gold and 110 flying machine cards for players who can complete the challenge.
Are you excited for the challenge? And what do you guys think of the Flying Machine?

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