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Flying Machine is Here!

We have a new troop officially announced by Supercell ?! Calm down!
Today Supercell officially posted on their social networks (twitter / facebook), an image with the following text: "What's in heaven?" , And description questioning who owns these shoes.
The Flying Machine is a Rare Card that costs 4 Elixirs to deploy. As of this moment, there is still no confirmation as to where this card can be unlocked. The Flying Machine is a ranged aerial troop similar to a Dart Goblin, but on air. It moves fast like a Baby Dragon and has a similar range as the Musketeer.

Min and Max Stats:

Flying Machine
Card LevelLvl 1Lvl 7 (Tourney Level)Lvl 11
Damage per sec81142207
With that many players started to speculate that this would be a new card, but no! This image is a little different from what we have been shown to us before, but it is the Flying Machine card !
In this new image we can see that the look of the letter had some changes and that changed its characteristic, it is a Barrel with Propellers, which is now being piloted by a mysterious character.
We still do not know if Supercell will update the look of the card in the game prior to the release of the card or if it was only meant to make a difference and call attention to an ad.
So do not expect too much, it's all just a teaser of the Flying Machine! kkk I keep you informed of any other news!

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