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Giant Balloon Deck !

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Hello everyone, in this post I will share a guide for Giant Balloon deck. The good thing about this deck is that it has mostly common cards that have great synergy and are easy to use and can deal with other cards more easily. After starting to use this deck I went up to 3,500 trophies and then to 4,414, check out this post how to use the deck and each card of it!
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Guide how to use each deck card

Balloon: The main Offensive card of this deck, causing massive damage in only 1 or 2 hits and then still falls and causes great damage in area, capable of killing princesses and Minions , depending on the positioning.
Giant: A strong and versatile tank, which combines well with any card player on this deck, but has a particularly strong synergy with the Balloon.
Barbarians: A wall of defense and damage. Put these guys to defend against heavy push. In addition they can fight mainly Hog Rider, Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians. But if you notice that the opponent has Fireball, make a variation of positioning, to avoid a predictive fireball and to give advantage to him.
Log: It's the log, you know what it's capable of. He can be replaced by the fireball ... though it is no small advantage, considering that he fights Princess and Skeletons Army and gives an elixir advantage.
Archers: Great offense on this deck. They make a good combo to support the Giant for a push of 8 elixir, which if not fought efficiently can demolish the tower of the opponent
Minions: Great for defending yourself and making a counter attack. Good for fighting the graveyard if the archers are hit by the fireball (and vice versa)
Ice Spirits: This card is good for cycling a deck, gaining defense time or providing an extra hit in the opponent's tower.
Zap: If the opponent has Inferno Tower, save the zap for it. If it does not have it, use the zap to kill air troops with few hit points or reset target defenses or high DPS troops that are focusing on the giant.

Examples of Giant and Balloon positions in the Arena:

- It is very difficult to attract the balloon too far with this positioning
- It leaves the balloon very exposed in relation to the Giant (especially after the Giant is attracted) 
- It starts very far from the giant (exposing the balloon even more)

- The Balloon remains close to the Giant, becoming relatively difficult to attract
- Can be easily targeted by Minion, archers and etc ...

General tips on how to use the deck

- If the opponent places the Minion Horde in your balloon, do not use the Zap. Unless you have the archers or Minion ready to Take away with the horde along with the Zap, do not worry about the Minions ending up with your balloon, they will die with their death damage and will pluck many life bridge of the tower. 
- If the Giant is attracted to a tower and the balloon does not ... do not use Zap in the inferno tower, the last thing you want is for the tower to change the target for your balloon, not to mention that it is not worth the amount of extra damage. 
- If your opponent's deck appears to have a good counter attack (elite Barb for example), it is usually best to push there from the king's tower instead of placing the Giant + balloon right on the bridge.
So this is it royalers, I hope this deck delivers great results for you!

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