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Giant Graveyard Deck !

Recently a reader shared in our group on facebook  a guide to use the deck he has been using and made him reach Arena 11. The deck was very well explained and he asked me to post here on the site to help other players , so I hope you like it!
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The cards that were on the deck are these below!
Clash Royale Giant Card - Cards WikiClash Royale CemeteryClash Royale Chart - Cards WikiClash Royale Megasservo Card - Cards Wiki
Clash Royale Launcher Card - Cards WikiCard Clashes of Clash Royale - Cards WikiCard Guards of Clash Royale - Cards WikiClash Royale Fireball Chart - Cards Wiki

How to Use Each Deck Card

Giant - Your tank, use it primarily for attack, only in extreme cases in defense.
Graveyard - The main card of the deck, use it heavily on the attack, but in some situations, maybe it can be a nice card on the defensive.
Zap - Your low damage spell, use it to reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Skeletons kill, I do not need to explain much what Zap is for.
Mega Minion - Your # 1 support, it's great in both attack and defense, its low cost and its high damage make it one of my favorite rare cards, use it in defense against Balloons and Baby Dragons, and attack along with the giant.
Bowler - Its support 2, same as Mega Minion good in both defense and attack, its area damage helps a lot against cards, use it in defense to give a delay in the troops and in the attack it clears the path for Giant.
Archers - Your air defense, I choose the Arches because they do great damage defensively, and are very good against Graveyard.
Fire Ball - Your high damage spell is currently one of the best high damage spells in the game, great against Barbarians, 3 Musketeers, Horde of Servants (against the Horde, use only if it is used to counter the Graveyard).
Guards - Your ground Defense USE ONLY IN DEFENSE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ATTACK WITH THEM, because of the shield, they survive most spells, as well as being a great distraction for PEKKA, Elite Barbarians, Mini PEKKA
Pros - Very boring Deck, with a very good defense and a strong attack! 
Cons - Aerial Decks are very annoying against this deck, but you can beat it
Good luck with the deck! If you need to ask questions with his creator, just join our group through the link below and comment on his post there!
Thank You!

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