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Giant lumberjack deck!

In this post I'm going to share one more Deck tip , lately this has been quite frequent, as I've received dozens of suggestions for decks with a lot of quality (detailed explanation) and with testimonials of positive results.
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This deck is recommended for arena 8, however as it has become easier to find legendary cards lately, you can get the lumberjack (indispensable artifact) in Arena 7, which makes it much easier to climb, including the deck is recommended for players with a level of experience. The deck is more suitable for attack and counter attack!
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The main combo of this deck consists of Giant (only win condition), Mega Minion, Lumberjack and whenever accompanied by Fire Spirits to prevent hordes, it is also advisable to always have a Zap or Arrows in your hand and in some cases use based on the predictability of his opponent.
In addition to this form of attack there are other variations with Lumberjack, usually used when defense troops are left, forming a counterattack, which if your enemy does not defend in 10 seconds loses a tower. This variation consists of using the Minion Horde or the Skeleton Army in the defense and reuse them using Lumberjack in front of them as a kind of "tank" that has high "DPS" and maximum speed besides benefiting the allies with the fury, which makes the combo very aggressive and fast but that can be easily "countered". The secret is to be the surprise element, being used when the opponent spends Arrows, Valkyrie, Bomber or Fireball, depending on the opponent's deck, if he does not have any of these cards on the deck it is very advisable to use this technique.
The defensive side is a little but efficient, using the Minion Horde to counter Giant, Golem, Giant Skeleton, PEKKA, plus troops such as Princes, Musketeers, Dark Prince, Three Musketeers and so on. It can also be used when there are many troops such as Wizard, Valkyries, Sparky, Witch or Musketeers, and are used after the Giant's positioning. The Skeleton Army can be used for all functions EXCEPT when you have Valkyrie on the opposite side, it performs functions like holding tanks and prince with more Suitable than the Minion Horde, however the rest can be faster using the horde, however the experience of the player is needed to "put on the balance" when to use Army or the Horde,
We can highlight some defensive abilities of the Mega minion as well, such as the ability to Counter Witches, Wizard, Musketeers, Hog, Barbarians, Ice Golem, Lavahound among others.

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