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Hog Freeze Deck

Hello Royalers! This guide is on how to use a deck efficiently to collect a few crowns for the Clan's Chest, so this deck is capable of give three crowns.
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The Deck is this below:
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Now to understand how the deck works, below we have a guide on how to use each of the cards as well as the level of the card he is using.
Hog Rider: Obviously your main condition of victory. Since this deck is quite aggressive, I play Hog at the corner with another troop that distracts the defense (preventing the Hog Rider from going into the middle of the arena) whenever he is in the hand.
Elite Barbarians: An expensive but very strong offensive card and an alternate win condition can be deadly if it connect the tower.
Archers: Archers are just universal attackers and I use them on most of my decks, but if you prefer you can use the Princess as well. I particularly do not use Princess because mine is on level 2 and can not eliminate lvl 13 Minion with two hits. The archers is placed behind the tower so that they divide is a great way to rotate the deck and depending on the scenario to achieve a small advantage of elixir.
Minions: A versatile troop that works very well with the Tower and combination can be deadly if using Freeze, the Minions will eliminate counters, such as Barbarians and Elite Barbarians.
Ice Spirit: Card to cycle the deck and very useful for making a hog push and freezing anything your opponent is planning to contain your Hog.
Skeletons: With the recent buff they had through balancing February 13 , I could not resist using skeletons and they provide a quick cycle and high versatility, they can also be used in hog push and distract a large amount of troops.
Zap: Versatile to support a Hog , though he does not kill the goblins barrel anymore with his hit, but who cares ?! Or you can use log.(I.e.
Freeze spell: A great card that can really surprise your opponent and also help you win a crown quickly. Play this card when you have an elixir advantage over your opponent.
So this is it, I hope you guys enjoy this Hog Deck, Elite Barbarians and Freeze!

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