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King's Cup II Tournament !

Older players already know what the  Kings Cup is , but for those who do not know, check all details in this post and the news that this year we will have the second edition!
Kings Cup II Tournament Confirmed for October

What is the Kings Cup II Tournament?

The Kings Cup a Clash Royale tournament that will bring together hundreds of players from around the world to compete live in a live tournament. The top 8 entrants will join forces with a Youtuber and pro players to compete in a knockout tournament with 8 teams seeking the final prize of $ 60,000.
More details on the official website:  www.kingscuptournament.com
Although you can not participate, this type of event is very good if you watch 
Here is the complete list of Youtubers and Pro players:

Trailer King's Cup II

Tournament Awards

You think this tournament is a joke ?! So just take out these prizes: 
1º. $ 60,000 
2nd. $ 30,000 
3rd. $ 24,000 
4th. $ 21,000 
5. $ 18,750 
6. $ 16,500 
7th. $ 15,000 
8th. $ 15,000 
Classifieds between 9-20 will receive $ 100 Gift Cards.

Watch Live, October 28/29

The Kings Cup II Tournament will take place on the 28th and 29th of October and for the joy, will have a live broadcast.
We do not have the schedule yet, but on the day of the tournament I will post a post here on the site, with the link to live streaming.

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