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Lava Hound Graveyard deck

Hello Clashers, in this post you will check out a deck hint of Lava Hound and Graveyard. It turns out to be a great deck for trophy tournaments you should consider testing them out there!
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This deck provided me to win several tournaments, check out some facts you should know about the deck.
  • This deck DOES NOT need Miner to work well! The Miner can be replaced by the Ice Spirit or Knight. The Graveyard can distract the tower for the Lava Pups to do a little damage.
  • This deck is not as good at pushing as it is at troop level but insane in tournaments.
The full Deck is this below:
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Lava Hound and Graveyard Deck Use Guide

Graveyard - This card is pretty much your # 2 win condition. You will want to play it right after the tower of your opponent aim at your Lava Hound. Also, even if your opponent has an inferno tower and uses it to roast Lava Hound, when he dies it will spawn lava pups and further overwhelm the opponent's area with skeletons and lava pups, they can easily dominate their opponent if they already you have used your arrows.
Miner - With a Army of skeletons and Lava pups in your opponent's tower, adding a miner will wipe out your opponent's tower in most scenarios. The main objective of the miner on this deck is to take the second crown and cycle. If you have a bad starting hand of cards, cycling with Miner + Cemetery or Miner + Minions can do a lot of damage on an unprepared opponent.
Minions - This is the main defensive troop on this deck. It defend back of your tower against Goblin Barrel and graveyard ! Be cautious when playing them defensively on the bridge, many opponents who play with siege decks carry Fire Spirit or ice spirit.
Mega Minion - Good defensive unit. It can be useful against splash damage unit like wizard, baby dragon etc. and it can be also use in countering Balloon.
Tombstone - Your deck Building unit. It will provide great help against Hog rider decks and siege decks. It is also necessary to prevent the Golems from dominating your tower. And after being destroyed, their skeletons generated by the tombstone can help counter attack as a bonus.
Lightning - You should always use it to get the best elixir exchange possible. But it is recommended  to use it in double elixir, but once you get push spam, you will depend a lot on it. Finish a Furnace + Musketeer + Tower damage? Good exchange! Achieve a Mega Minion + Ice Golem + Tower damage? Good exchange!  Will the extra tower damage help you win the game? If this in the double elixir, using the lightning probably will not put you in a huge deficit.
Arrows - As I mentioned above, minions is the card used on this deck to take care of Graveyard. So your opponent would not do the same thing? This is what the Arrows are for. They will destroy enemy Minions or hordes  used to wipe out your Graveyard. 
- Try not to use them to finish off Princesses, you can always use Miner for this. You do not want to be surprised by a combo of Miner + Minion Horde + zap if you do not have arrows in hand. If you know that your opponent has no Minions then you can use your arrows on the Princess.

There are a few other things you should know when using this deck

First , sometimes it's best to ignore your opponent's push. If he invests 12 elixir to knock down a tower with 200 life, it may be beneficial to start a combo from the back and then counter those troops for an insane positive elixir exchange. You will usually prefer to skip some combos.
  • When you do not have a Graveyard, Mega Minion or Minion in your hand and your opponent sends a Hog to your tower with little life, or for example ...
  • If this is near the end of the match and you know you can block your push for long enough if you ignore it for a few seconds and do waste your counters on the offense.
Second , do not panic. Sometimes the opponent may have a better hand early in the game, but that does not mean that you will lose. All this means that in double elixir you must really press your opponent and form great combos.
At point of this graveyard and Miner Deck is to overwhelm your opponent. Unlike most lava hound decks, putting your lava hound in front for a counterattack should be done RARELY (close to never). You will want to throw your lava hound in the back so you can join the elixir to make an insane boost. This deck really shines on the double elixir. You will want to play the games mainly on the defensive (not warping too much) until the elixir 2x, so go with everything. Here is a quick overview on how to use each card on that deck.
If you enjoyed the deck, comment on how it came out when using it, or if necessary complement with an additional tip, to help other players interested in the deck!

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