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Hello Everyone! I'm here with a new deck of Mega Knight. This deck is strong against Miner-Cycle, Hog Rider, Aerial and some Slow-Push Decks. 

Mega KnightBalloonMinerBats
Minion HordeMinionsIce GolemZap


The ideal strategy of this deck is to force the opponent to answer your card drops. From there, you can create a strong counter push with the Mega Knight and other more units.
You will need to have the Mega Knight/Balloon with the Miner and other aerial units for a solid push. prepare your Zap and other cards to counter counters effectively.


Split the Bats/Minions or Minion Horde in the early stage of the game. Through this, you will have a chance to know what cards did the enemy has brought. Also, this will force them to drop their units and somehow ruin their combo strategy. Cycle and create a massive push afterwards.
For offense, you can use the Miner Bandit combo. Tag the Bats or Minions behind the Balloon to answer counters. You can also have the Mega Knight Balloon mashup. Though this might be a little expensive in terms of elixir cost, this can take a tower down real quick. Attempt this combo after a successful counter-push. Do not forget to deploy or support units as well as your Zap. Timing is the key.


For defense, mainly use the Mega Knight to deal with ground units (bulky and swarm). If this legendary card is not available, try to kite the enemy's units with the Ice Golem. Deploy the Bats or Minions first, if dealing with ground troops. If there is a splasher behind, use the Miner to distract. Cast the Zap to weaken or annihilate additional support around.

Video Strategy

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