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Mega Knight Bridge Spam Deck

The strength of this deck is its ability to shift strategies depending on the opponent's cards. You can either go beatdown with the Mega Knight and the Night Witch or bridge spam with the Bandit and Battle Ram.

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Ideal Strategy:
The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have the Mega Knight tank for the Night Witch and the Electro Wizard for support. You can also have the Bandit with the Battle Ram for the classic bridge spam and support it with the Poison. These strategies depend on which cards your opponent has.

Start slow by dropping down the Night Witch at the back of the King Tower. Before she reaches the bridge, deploy the Mega Knight and support it with the Electro Wizard. You can also go to the other lane with the Bandit and the Battle Ram. Whichever strategy you choose, you're going to need the remaining units for defense and then go for a counter-push.
Sometimes you need to use the Battle Ram for an extra help defending. The two Barbs it deploys is enough to save your tower. You can also use the Poison defensively against swarms. The Mega Knight is used primarily as a counter unit that can eventually roll out to a good push.

Video Strategy:

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