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Pekka Executioner deck

Hey, you ... Yeah, yourself! Are you tired of Golem decks with Night Witch in the challenges? Are you tired of trying to defend and the enemy lightning do away with your defense? So do not worry anymore, because we made a post here giving the hint of a sensational deck!

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Function of each deck card:

PEKKA: Your defense card against Golem ends it in less than 10 seconds, plus you can tank Lightning and Night witch bats damage, and Use itself only in defense, always against tanker troops, for more effectiveness.
Tornado: Your spell support, use most of the time against Hog Rider, to activate the King Tower, against Balloon, to prevent damage from bomb and with Executor, to end big push.
Executioner: Your defensive support, use against LavaLoon, GolemNW, among other combos, always try to use with the tornado for better effectiveness, and as counter attack and sometimes in the glue of PEKKA to support it.
Arrows: This one you will use a few times, but most will be when your enemy uses LogBait or minion horde.
Graveyard: Your Win condition, always use when the tower is aiming at one of your tankers, try to gather with poison to kill troops with average life, almost impossible to defend itself.
Poison: Your high damage spell, ends the enemy's Graveyard, Dark Witch, Princess near the crown tower, Collector, Three Musketeers, etc ... Try it with Graveyard to deal even more damage
Ice Golem: Your distraction, incredible as it may seem, you'll use it more for attack than defense, combo with Graveyard always, Ice golem first, then graveyard, while Golem tank, Graveyard deals damage to finish them, and to join with Poison, even better.
Mega Minion: Area damage troops will suffer for it: Dragon Baby, Wizard, Ice Mage, etc ... 
This card is a beauty in defense, and better still in counter attack!

Possibilities of Combos

  • Attack: Ice Golem + Graveyard (+ Poison)
  • Defense: Executioner + Tornado // and // PEKKA + Executioner
Pros: Kill multiple META cards, especially the NW Golem, as well as being a heavy and very difficult to counter attack
Cons: A little heavy, sometimes you spend elixir unintentionally and you do not have the same, always analyze the enemy's moves and their combos
TIP: Always let the enemy play first, there you will know which cards to use against his troops

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