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The Five Pillar of Clash Royale!

In general, we can say that the performance of any player in Clash Royale is directly related to the 5 main pillars listed below, and it can be said that each of these pillars works as a "step" for ranked games, the more of these Pillars you have favorable, the more trophies you can reach.
  • Ability
  • RNG
  • Psychological
  • External factors
  • Deck and Card / Tower Level
It is important to understand each of these pillars to know how they can influence your gameplay and what your posture should be in relation to each of them. In the following paragraphs I will address each of them individually.
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This pillar is directly related to your Know How within the game, that is, your skill acquired by experience, your practical knowledge. It is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars within the game. In Clash Royale when we refer to the skill we are talking about knowing how to play correctly with the most varied types of decks and cards, knowing the functioning of the meta decks, their win conditions, the proper positioning of each card, among others elements.
Your ability to play is something that can be developed, some people may present more easily than others, but as a rule, the key to becoming skilled at Clash Royale or any other area of ​​your life is training and dedication , the more time you spend on something, whether practicing or observing more skillful people than you, the greater your skill becomes.


RNG is the abbreviation for Random number generator, which translates to Random Number Generator, and in other words nothing more is the luck factor in the game. For example:
Each deck has 8 cards. When the game starts, we have only 4 of them in the starting hand, which defines what these cards will be, as well as the order of those to be bought later is the RNG, which in an automated process of the game makes a "draw" and defines which cards will be these.
The RNG is also present in the definition of opponents that we will face, on the decks they will use, and in various other situations of the game, even in the appearance of legendary chests, within the defined odds, the RNG acts by deciding whether his chest will come or not legendary and even what a legendary this will be.
Now that we understand the meaning of RNG, I would like to talk about his influence within the game. For starters, it's worth noting that many players find this to be the most frustrating and stressful pillar within the game, since it's the only one that does not depend on you. It's like playing dice, you simply play them and hope that the best happens, there's nothing to do about it ... And the same thing happens in Clash Royale, there are games that you simply lose before it even starts, of the opponent is totally counter of his or because you had a bad starting hand and that compromised the rest of the match.
My advice to the RNG is: Never forget that it exists and never stress with it. Focus your energies on what is up to you, everyone will have moments when luck will not contribute, but try to minimize the importance that the luck factor exerts for you if you improve on the other pillars, as strengthening your abilities and even your psychological, which is the topic to follow.


I consider this pillar so important that in the future I will do an article exclusively on it. When it comes to games, the psychological factor is overlooked or even forgotten, but keep in mind that when your psychological goes bad, everything else goes wrong.
With "psychological" I refer to mental and emotional processes, for example: It is common that after a sequence of defeats we feel a little more irritated, or even after a full day at work or a discussion; basically anything that changes our mood, whether positively or negatively, is influencing our psychological.
My intention is to pay attention to the fact that the way you feel can directly alter your in-game performance when you're angry, for example, it will influence your decisions, make you take decisions that are lower than what you would normally take, and that consequently will lead you to more defeats and will make you irritate even more, in short, it is a vicious cycle. We call this Tiltar.
Positive emotions (happiness, love, gratitude, satisfaction, joy ...) can make your game better because they bring you greater relaxation and self-confidence when it comes to playing, as well as negative emotions (fear, anger, disgust ...) make you more susceptible to distractions and errors.
I am aware that it is impossible to deprive ourselves of negative emotions (it is worth mentioning that some negative emotions can be beneficial in small doses, the problem is when we experience these feelings in excess and for a prolonged time, eg a little stress can make you more focused and productive, too much stress can cause numerous illnesses) in our day to day, and I also know that it is practically impossible to remain calm after several defeats in sequence, but as you train your ability, try to train your mind too, to stay in control of the situation even when the results are different than desired, and giving preference to raise trophies in moments that are feeling well psychologically.
Full Psychological Link: Coming soon.

External factors

I had my doubts whether or not I would add this pillar to this list, but it is undeniable that the environment in which you are playing and the conditions can also influence your performance.
Playing in noisy places, with a bad connection, and with many distractions, can certainly cause you some defeats. In this aspect even a cell phone / tablet / computer with the minimum requirements to run the game make a difference, maybe some may think this is just preciosity or freshness, but in fierce matches, where the results are defined in the details and by only a few Life points of difference, these aspects can be the difference between +26 or -33 trophies.
Playing on a device by taking those slips - no matter how brief they are - playing on the Internet with a delay to position the cards - however small - or in a place that takes your concentration from the game - briefly - VERY behind in the confrontation.
Just to illustrate, whenever I'm playing important events inside the game, I like to do it at dawn, when absolute silence reigns, concentrated on my cell phone, with the lights off and headphones, being sure to win that challenge, or that match, is the only thing I need to worry about at that moment.

Deck and Card Level / King's Tower

This pillar is quite intuitive, but at the same time indispensable. Both the level of your cards and that of the King Tower are very important in ranked matches, playing at a disadvantage level greatly compromises your performance in competitive modes.
My only caveat to this pillar is the fact that when you are well in relation to all the other pillars (Ability, RNG, Psychological, External Factors) and still continue to lose trophies or stagnate in a trophy range below what you usually do stay, your limitation is probably on your deck level or deck used, for example:
I always end up seasoning in the Master 2 League (5200 trophies), but last season I was not getting past the 5000 trophies. Analyzing my games, I realized that I was not having bad luck, I was playing well with my deck, my cards had an adequate level, my external conditions were good and my psychological was calm; so I identified that all I needed to do was readjust myself to the goal, after changing two cards from my deck, within 2 hours I reached my usual league.


Each of the 5 pillars is individually important and at the same time indispensable to the whole, all pillars are interconnected and are necessary for those who want to maximize their performance in ranked games. I do not want to say that someone who is not with all the pillars is bound to be defeated, certainly not, but I say without fear of making mistakes that this person is surrendering below what he could.
I am a medium player, but I usually finish the seasons within the top 10k overall, and especially someone who reads and researches a lot about the game; I hope that some of the concepts that I developed and added to my particular experiences have somehow managed to help you to see a little more of the complexity that the game can have. See you later!
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